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Not too long ago, a blog was a form of on­line journal-keeping, a diary open for all to read on the World Wide Web. As little I do bears any re­sem­blance to that type of writing, I never thought of Rather Rare Records as a blog.

But the times they have been a-changing: a blog is now also de­fined as a “reg­ular fea­ture ap­pearing as part of an on­line pub­li­ca­tion that typ­i­cally re­lates to a par­tic­ular topic and con­sists of ar­ti­cles and per­sonal com­men­tary by one or more authors.”

Well, that cer­tainly sounds like Rather Rare Records is a blog! So, for those of you who want to get right down to the nitty-gritty and read the bloody blog, click on this link:


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