wild dandelion stomping with bamboogie injections

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THIS ARTICLE is an in­tro­duc­tion to Bam­boogie In­jec­tions, a con­tem­po­rary Russian surf band, with a look at their first album, Wild Dan­de­lion Stomping. It is also a very brief look at the Russian surf music scene of the past—something few of us who grew up in the ’60s were aware ex­isted. We did know that deca­dent Western rock & roll was ab­solutely for­bidden in the USSR and Soviet-bloc coun­tries, but ap­par­ently, some of the music pen­e­trated the Iron Cur­tain. READ MORE

a complementary if brief surf raiders bio/overview

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DO MOST YOUNG PEOPLE know what “surf music” is? That’s REAL surf music, the kind played by a guitar-and-rhythm-section-and-no-singer group! Many people—including non-record col­lecting older folk—think of the Beach Boys’ early har­monies when they hear the term “surf music,” but that was never con­sid­ered surf music by surfer guys and gals (dudes and bun­nies?). 1

In­stru­mental surf music was dom­i­nated by a heavily re­verbed Fender guitar sup­ported by a promi­nent bass line, one of the few pop music genres that placed em­phasis on what was often just a part of the rhythm sec­tion. READ MORE

surfing guitars and instrumental surf bands of the early ’60s

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ARGUING THE ‘BEST’ ROCK GUITAR PLAYERS of the ’60 is prob­ably a pretty dumb way to waste time—and “Surfing Gui­tars” will not be doing that! Con­sid­er­ably more con­struc­tive and in­ter­esting would be an ar­gu­ment as to who were—and that’s in­ten­tion­ally plural—the most ‘cre­ative’ players. Of course, to reach any kind of con­sensus there would re­quire that we first agree on a de­f­i­n­i­tion of ‘cre­ative’ in that con­text! READ MORE

surf raiders discography & price guide

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THE SURF RAIDERS Discog­raphy & Price Guide is the second of three ar­ti­cles on Bob Dalley and his group The Surf Raiders and his book Surfin’ Gui­tars. This is prob­ably the most com­plete listing of the group’s records ever pub­lished. It is also most likely the most ac­cu­rate if gen­er­al­ized price guide for the group’s records.

The first part is “Surfing Gui­tars And In­stru­mental Surf Bands Of The Early ’60s” and re­views Dal­ley’s book on that topic. READ MORE