rock music videos of the sixties 1 (introduction)

Elvis ReturnSender 1200 copy

WAY BACK ON JULY 31, 2014, Bill To­belman of Good Humor Smile fame (if not for­tune) posted a link to a pro­mo­tional video that the Troggs had made for their single Love Is All Around in 1966 on his Face­book page. He noted that this was “An­other cool promo film from these guys.”

I quickly re­sponded: “How many ac­tual pro­mo­tional videos like this were made in the ’60s? READ MORE

a whiter shade of pale in some spectacular ruins

ProcolHarum 1967 header

PROCOL HARUM MADE A VIDEO of their world­wide hit A Whiter Shade Of Pale in 1967. It was shot in some spec­tac­ular ruins in Witley Court in Worces­ter­shire, Eng­land, once one of the great houses of the Mid­lands, but by then a spec­tac­ular ruin dev­as­tated by fire thirty years ear­lier. It fea­tured the orig­inal members—Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, David Knights, Ray Royer, and Bobby Harrison—performing and me­an­dering about the ruins. READ MORE

let’s all hully gully with pussycat a go-go!

Scopitone header

SCOPITONE IS A TYPE OF JUKEBOX fea­turing a mu­sical and vi­sual per­for­mance on 16-millimeter film. The first Sco­pi­tone films were made in France by Cameca, among them was Serge Gains­bourg’s Le Poinçon­neur Des Lilas filmed in 1958. Sco­pi­tones spread to West Ger­many, and went on to ap­pear in bars in Eng­land, where the Tor­nados’ Tel­star was a fa­vorite, vying with such local huts as Pussycat A Go-Go! READ MORE