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rock music videos of the sixties 1 (introduction)

WAY BACK ON JULY 31, 2014, Bill Tobelman of Good Humor Smile fame (if not fortune) posted a link to a promotional video that the Troggs had made for their single Love Is All Around in 1966 on his Facebook page. He noted that this was “Another cool promo film from these guys.” [Continue reading]

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let’s all hully gully with pussycat a go-go!

SCOPITONE IS A TYPE OF JUKEBOX featuring a musical and visual performance on 16-millimeter film. The first Scopitone films were made in France by Cameca, among them was Serge Gainsbourg’s Le Poinçonneur Des Lilas filmed in 1958. Scopitones spread to West Germany, and went on to appear in bars in England, where the Tornados’ Telstar was a favorite, vying with such local huts as Pussycat A Go-Go! [Continue reading]