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FRANK DANIELS has been col­lecting records for a long time. Some­where along the way, he started col­lecting all sorts of record-related data and in­for­ma­tion. For years now, he has been re­searching, com­piling, as­sem­bling, and pub­lishing sev­eral in­cred­ibly de­tailed and ac­cu­rate Frank Daniels discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the label de­signs of a given record com­pany). READ MORE

between the buttons and the dandelion, we love you!

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GREAT SINGLES IN 1967 by es­tab­lished artists that should have been BIG hits but weren’t were common. For ex­ample, Buf­falo Spring­field’s Mr. Soul, the Byrds’ Lady Friend, and the Hol­lies’ King Midas In Re­verse (and I could go on but that’s grist for an­other mill). But per­haps the biggest dis­ap­point­ment was the Rolling Stones second single of the year, We Love You / Dan­de­lion. READ MORE

what do mick jagger and lawrence bray have in common?


THIS IS PART 2 of three ar­ti­cles on Around Town and their single Out Of Con­trol. This one hopes to an­swer the age-old ques­tion, “What do Mick Jagger and Lawrence Bray have in common?” But first, some back­ground: while re­searching some­thing else, I came across the ad for the MP3 down­load on Amazon (above) and, lo and be­hold, no one had yet sub­mitted a re­view. READ MORE

on grading records for sale part 1: ‘still sealed’ and ‘mint’ are not the same thing

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FRIEND WAS LEARNING THE ROPES of making money by selling other people’s ‘col­lec­tables’ by auc­tioning them on eBay. It’s his ex­pe­ri­ence that in­spired this ar­ticle, “Grading Records for Sale Part 1.” Let’s pre­tend his name is Luke. As the bulk of Luke’s con­sign­ments were from friends, it was a rea­son­ably re­laxed af­fair and no one was trying to pull the wool over the other’s eyes. READ MORE

is “street fighting man” the most valuable picture sleeve in the world?

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IN LATE AUGUST 1968, the Rolling Stones re­leased Street Fighting Man as the lead single for the un­re­leased BEGGARS BANQUET album. It was the group’s follow-up to Jumpin’ Jack Flash, which had been a world­wide smash. While it topped the Cash Box Top 100, for some in­ex­plic­able reason it stalled at #3 on the Bill­board Hot 100. 1

As Street Fighting Man was of a quality sim­ilar if not quite equal to Jumpin’ Jack Flash, I as­sume now that everyone as­sumed then that an­other top-tenner was on the way. READ MORE

whose response to whom with the stones-beatles-beach boys connection

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EARLIER THIS YEAR, I posted my first Amazon re­view, this one of the Rolling Stones’ album THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST. It had the over-long and gram­mat­i­cally cum­ber­some title of “Clearly their an­swer to PET SOUNDS—or at least Good Vibrations—SGT. PEPPER is ac­tu­ally as dis­parate an ar­ti­fact as REVOLVER.”

What the title was in­tended to mean is this: SGT. READ MORE