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the frank daniels discographies & labelographies project

FRANK DANIELS has been col­lecting records for a long time. Some­where along the way, he started col­lecting all sorts of record-related data and in­for­ma­tion. For years now, he has been re­searching, com­piling, as­sem­bling, and pub­lishing sev­eral in­cred­ibly de­tailed and ac­cu­rate Frank Daniels discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the label de­signs of a given record company). [Continue reading]


what do mick jagger and lawrence bray have in common?

THIS IS PART 2 of three ar­ti­cles on Around Town and their single Out Of Con­trol. This one hopes to an­swer the age-old ques­tion, “What do Mick Jagger and Lawrence Bray have in common?” But first, some back­ground: while re­searching some­thing else, I came across the ad for the MP3 down­load on Amazon (above) and, lo and be­hold, no one had yet sub­mitted a re­view. [Continue reading]