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go rockin’ robin ’cause we’re really gonna rock tonight

FOR MOST OF US, the period in our lives when we are most passionate about music is our teenage years. Somewhere around 13 or 14 years old, we start both intense for love and equally intense hate affairs with the pop music of the day. For me, this period was 1964-1969: to this day, most of my greatest loves come from this “era.”

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real rarity, relative rarity, and the “wow!” factor

IN RECORD COLLECTING, we bandy about certain terms so often that they lose their meaning. One such word is ‘rare,’ which should be considered a bugaboo not just record collecting, but all fields of collectables. Another abused word is ‘psychedelic,’ or, as it is more often used, ‘psych.’ [Read more] “real rarity, relative rarity, and the “wow!” factor”

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the avid collectors’ guide to wild in the streets part 4

THIS IS PART 4 of the Avid Record Collector’s Price Guide to Wild In The Streets. It addresses in detail the four albums associated with that movie and its music. The first three parts have been published, and with this part I finally get around the a labelography and price guide for the records. [Read more] “the avid collectors’ guide to wild in the streets part 4”

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the kinks’ arthur album and related singles 1969

THE KINKS’ ARTHUR album of 1969 was a smashing success with the critics and the few fans that the once popular group still had at the time. It sold better than any Kinks album had in recent memory, but barely graced the best-selling charts. ARTHUR has grown in prestige through the years and now both original pressings and even reissues are sought after by collectors. [Read more] “the kinks’ arthur album and related singles 1969”

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surf raiders discography & price guide

THE SURF RAIDERS Discography & Price Guide is the second of three articles on Bob Dalley and his group The Surf Raiders and his book Surfin’ Guitars. This is probably the most complete listing of the group’s records ever published. It is also most likely the most accurate if generalized price guide for the group’s records. [Read more] “surf raiders discography & price guide”

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It isn’t how it was set up to be (the byrds 1966 part 1)

WELCOME TO AN INTRODUCTION to the first in a series of articles on the released and unreleased recording of the Byrds in 1966. I began this series in July 2013 for my first blog, Neal Umphred Dot Com. As I hadn’t written anything in a while (in years, actually), my authorial chops were rusty. [Read more] “It isn’t how it was set up to be (the byrds 1966 part 1)”

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mike love’s excitations and good vibrations

MIKE LOVE OF THE BEACH BOYS has a reputation that has dogged him around for almost fifty and it’s generally as one of the most unpleasant people in the world of rock & roll music. Because of this, he has been unfairly castigated for his role in the Beach Boys. [Read more] “mike love’s excitations and good vibrations”

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cantaloupe eyes come to me tonight

WHEN I ARRIVED AT MY OFFICE on a day in early 1987, I was handed a package that had arrived earlier. As I worked at home more often than “at work,” my schedule of arriving and departing varied from day to day. My job was editor of a line of price guides for record collectors published by O’Sullivan Woodside and formerly associated with other authors. [Read more] “cantaloupe eyes come to me tonight”

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the once but now not so elusive bob lind

THE YEAR 1966 was rather magical for me in regard to music and records. I was 14-going-on-24 and the music with which I connected—the charm, the magic—has lasted all these years. There were a handful of records from that year (I should say that era, as 1966 seems like an era unto itself, lodged in between the British Invasion and psychedelia) that have an effect on me like few others. [Read more] “the once but now not so elusive bob lind”