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the #1 hit records on the pop charts 1965

THIS IS THE SIXTH in a series of ten articles addressing the #1 records of the year on Cash Box magazine’s pop chart from 1960 through 1969. It was originally published as “Let’s Hang On To Our Ticket To Ride” in my publication Tell It Like It Was on Medium back on June 2, 2019. [Read more] “the #1 hit records on the pop charts 1965”

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in search of the lost mentor (beatles ’68 part 2)

MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI played an important role in the Beatles career, one that has been shoved aside by fans and historians. If you were of age and paying attention in 1968, the Maharishi was the Big Poobah in the Fab Four’s lives, at least for a while. [Read more] “in search of the lost mentor (beatles ’68 part 2)”

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was beach boy mike love one of rock & roll’s greatest frontmen?

OPINION QUESTIONS are big on Quora and I try to provide answers that are accurate but somewhat off the beaten path. The question I received this morning was, “Who are the all-time great frontmen in music?” I read the question as who are the great lead singers of rock groups, as both vocal and visual performers. [Read more] “was beach boy mike love one of rock & roll’s greatest frontmen?”

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sex, love, hitchhiking, and other excitations

JUST AS LOVE AND SEX are not synonymous, neither is a great song synonymous with a great record. Hell’s Belles, in such genres as rock & roll and rhythm & blues and even country & western, a great song may actually impede the making of a great record! This is especially so if the artist and the producer focus too much on a pretty melody or a clever lyric and not on the actual making of the record. [Read more] “sex, love, hitchhiking, and other excitations”

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ken thorne chose the chase in the tyrol to the bitter end

IN THE EARLY ’70s, I discovered that when a British fan bought a copy of the Beatles’ 1965 album HELP! on Parlophone in the UK, he got a Beatles album with fourteen new Beatles recordings. When an American fan bought the same title on Capitol in the US, he got an “original soundtrack album” with only seven new Beatles recordings! [Read more] “ken thorne chose the chase in the tyrol to the bitter end”