donovan knows a beach where it never ends

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DONOVAN CAME ON FAST in 1965 with three Top 10 hits in the UK: “Catch the Wind,” “Colours,” and “The Uni­versal Sol­dier.” None of these came close to du­pli­cating that suc­cess in the US, where Donovan re­mained a pe­riph­eral figure on the waning folk scene. That didn’t pre­vent many who did know of him from la­beling him a “Dylan im­i­tator” for both his music and his adop­tion of working man’s clothing as his reg­ular “look.” READ MORE

sgt. pepper on blue jay way (beatles ’68 part 1)

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THE BEATLES AS A GROUPas a rock & roll-based pop band—are an ex­ample of a gestalt, as the abil­i­ties and the ac­com­plish­ments of the group far out­strip what could be ex­pected of the four mem­bers knowing their in­di­vidual skills and tal­ents. This is not be­lit­tling their skills, which are many, but as their solo ca­reers made too ev­i­dent, each on his own wasn’t even close to what he had been as a Beatle. READ MORE

the day I uncovered the secret of the universe (and then forgot it)

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I CAN TRULY SAY that I knew it all—The Se­cret of the Uni­verse. Once. Briefly. I can also say that this essay has little to do with record col­lecting, but it does touch on psy­che­delic music of the ’60s, so here it is (in­stead of on my other, epony­mous blog). I wanted to pro­vide this memory about doing acid for the first time in the Fall of 1970. READ MORE