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introduction to the #1 records on the cash box pop chart of the ’60s

ON JANUARY 1, 2109, I launched a new publication on Medium, the largest and most-read blogging platform in the world. The publication is called Tell It Like It Was and is a joint effort by myself along with John Ross and Lew Shiner. It covers rock & roll and related pop music from 1955 through 1975, focused on the ’60s. [Continue reading]

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a brief look at the first fifty years of recorded music

THE TECHNOLOGY TO RECORD SOUND is more than a 160 years old! It has been available since 1857, years before the technology to reproduce that sound was realized. The first recording machines were used for scientific research, primarily to study sound waves. The first viable technology for recording and playing recorded music for home entertainment was Thomas Edison’s Phonograph in 1877. [Continue reading]

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mike love’s excitations and good vibrations

MIKE LOVE OF THE BEACH BOYS has a reputation that has dogged him around for almost fifty—and it’s generally as one of the most unpleasant people in the world of rock & roll music. Because of this, he has been unfairly castigated for his role in the Beach Boys. [Continue reading]