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the kinks on arthur and finding shangri-la

AS WE BEGIN OUR STORY some­time in late 1970, the Kinks were in a bit of a bad way. De­spite being one of the pre­mier groups of the British In­va­sion of 1964, they had not reached the Top 40 in the US since mid-1966. Even in their homeland—their own Vil­lage Green, filled with Arthur and mil­lions like him—it had been more than a year since they’d had a hit! [Continue reading]

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video did not kill no radio stars (they was already mostly dead anyways)

WAY BACK IN 1979, nerdish singer Trevor Horn and his band Bug­gles re­leased single ti­tled Video Killed The Radio Star. (It had been recorded ear­lier by Bruce Woolley and Camera Club.) The song’s theme was pro­mo­tion of tech­nology while wor­rying about its ef­fects. This song re­lates to con­cerns about mixed at­ti­tudes to­wards 20th cen­tury in­ven­tions and ma­chines for the media arts. [Continue reading]