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the #1 hit records on the pop charts 1962

THIS IS THE THIRD in a series of ten articles listing and addressing the #1 records of the year as they appeared on Cash Box magazine’s Top 100 chart from 1960 through 1969. It was originally published as “Big Girls Don’t Limbo Rock” on my publication Tell It Like It Was on Medium on February 16, 2019. [Continue reading]

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duke duke duke duke of earl

THIS BRIEF PIECE on the Duke of Earl was inspired by an equally brief article on my other site titled “earl earl earl, earl of grey.” That piece is not about a duke duke duke of anything, but about my enjoyment of Tazo’s Earl Grey tea, a beverage I have loathed for decades but—for some inexplicable change in my aging, testosterone-deprived taste buds—I currently crave the stuff! [Continue reading]