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a Freak Out labelography and price guide

THIS IS A LABELOGRAPHY and price guide for the ini­tial press­ings of the Mothers of In­ven­tion’s 1966 two-record album FREAK OUT! It is in­tended as a com­ple­men­tary piece to the ar­ticle “What Was the First Rock Double-Album of the ’60s?” Whereas that piece was for a gen­eral read­er­ship, this ar­ticle is in­tended for col­lec­tors (al­though many of those gen­eral readers can enjoy the photos and some of the history). [Continue reading]

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what was the first “rock” double-album of the ’60s?

 IT IS ACCEPTED “FACT” that two sem­inal works of pop­ular music—the Beach Boys’ PET SOUNDS and Bob Dy­lan’s BLONDE ON BLONDE—were re­leased on the same day, May 16, 1966. And there was a second reason to cel­e­brate that date: BLONDE ON BLONDE was also the first rock double-album of all-new studio record­ings, beating the Mothers of In­ven­tion’s FREAK OUT! [Continue reading]