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unplugging the white album (beatles ’68 part 3)

WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE MAHARISHI, the won­derful Ma­har­ishi of Oz!” On Feb­ruary 16, 1968, John and Cyn­thia Lennon and George and Pattie Har­rison ar­rived in Delhi, later joined by Ringo and Mau­reen Starr and Paul Mc­Cartney and long­time girl­friend Jane Asher. They were there for a pro­longed stay at the Rishikesh ashram of the Ma­har­ishi Ma­hesh Yogi for spe­cial courses in Tran­scen­dental Meditation. [Continue reading]

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understanding riaa gold and platinum record awards

MOST INFORMATION on the In­ternet about gold and plat­inum records of the Six­ties is crap! That is, most of the “in­for­ma­tion” re­garding RIAA Gold and Plat­inum Records awarded to al­bums from the ’60s and early ’70s is fac­tu­ally in­cor­rect. This applies to al­most every web­site: the few that aren’t plain in­cor­rect are often un­in­ten­tion­ally mis­leading, and this in­cludes the RI­AA’s own website! [Continue reading]