the avid collector’s guide to wild in the streets part 2

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THE AVID COLLECTOR’S GUIDE to Wild In The Streets Part 2 ad­dresses records made that are as­so­ci­ated with this movie—both sin­gles and al­bums. All were re­leased in the wake of the very suc­cessful movie in 1968, but few were hits. Be­fore com­mencing, I rec­om­mend that you first readOn Wild In The Streets As Polit­ical And Social Satire” and then the first part of this four-part se­ries of ar­ti­cles about the movie and its music. READ MORE

the avid collector’s guide to wild in the streets part 1

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IN 1968, AIP’S NEW MOVIE was not about bikers, babes, and devils. While “Wild In The Streets” was an­other Amer­ican In­ter­na­tional Pic­tures ex­ploita­tion B-movie, it was also a clever com­bi­na­tion of black humor, so­ciopo­lit­ical satire, and some gen­uinely good rock & roll. The Avid Col­lec­tor’s Guide to Wild In The Streets Part 1 ad­dresses the records as­so­ci­ated with that movie and its music. READ MORE

“the wild angels” is now a quinquagenarian (happy 50th!)

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FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY, one of the quin­tes­sen­tial ’60s rock & roll sound­track al­bums to one the ’60s quin­tes­sen­tial biker ex­ploita­tion moves was re­leased. Ac­cording to Wikipedia, THE WILD ANGELS movie saw its gen­eral re­lease to Amer­ican the­aters on this day. The sound­track album of the same name was re­leased by Tower Records, an im­print of Capitol Records. READ MORE

complete davie allan & the arrows 45 discography and price guide

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WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? Davie Allan & The Ar­rows recorded the most fren­zied in­stru­men­tals the world has ever heard! Allan’s fuzzed-out guitar was an audio com­pass pointing to­wards freedom, sex, danger and vi­o­lence, his trashy fret­board riffs ex­ploding be­hind flick­ering cel­lu­loid im­ages of cycle runs, biker fights, drug freak­outs and rubber-burnin’ hot rods.” 1

The para­graph quoted above is from Sun­dazed Records’ pro­mo­tional cam­paign to pro­mote DEVIL’S RUMBLE, a com­pi­la­tion in­tended  “to re­store Davie Allan to his rightful place atop the ranks of fa­bled guitar gun­slingers.” READ MORE