beware fake bowie and prince autographs and memorabilia

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FAKE AUTOGRAPHS are back in the news, this time fea­turing a mother-son combo forging the sig­na­tures on thou­sands of sports items. And while it hasn’t made any head­lines, the re­cent un­ex­pected deaths of two beloved su­per­stars should have every col­lector of Bowie and Prince au­to­graphs treading cau­tiously as this is when they are ripest for a rip-off! [Continue reading]

just how did david bowie affect your consciousness?

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THE ORIGINAL TITLE to this piece on David Bowie was “Damn That Damn Disco Music!” But that was re­ally an in­ad­e­quate opening for the tone of this ‘true story’ about con­ver­sion. Then I dal­lied with vari­a­tions on “The Day I Came Out as a David Bowie Fan,” which was an al­lu­sion to his an­drog­y­nous Ziggy Star­dust period. [Continue reading]