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opinions about the stories about beach boys album covers

“BACK THROUGH THE OPERA GLASS” is the title of three lengthy ar­ti­cles that re­view most of the Beach Boys album covers re­leased on major la­bels in the US. It is sub­ti­tled “The Sto­ries Be­hind the Album Covers” and was written by Mal­colm Searles. This mas­sive project covers every im­por­tant album from 1962 through the present. [Continue reading]

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why the hell isn’t gene clark in the hall of fame? (gene clark part 4)

ONCE UPON A TIME, it looked like the Byrds had a long, suc­cessful, pro­duc­tive ca­reer in front of them. In 1965, they had two #1 hits, Mr. Tam­bourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn!, that ef­fec­tively de­fined the re­cently coined term folk-rock. Their two al­bums were piv­otal in the tran­si­tion of rock mu­si­cians from being pri­marily singles-oriented to being pri­marily album-oriented. [Continue reading]

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reissues of “gene clark with the gosdin brothers” (gene clark part 3)

IN JULY 1966, COLUMBIA RECORDS an­nounced that Gene Clark had left the Byrds. A month later, Clark was in the studio recording as a newly signed Co­lumbia solo artist. In No­vember 1966, his first single, Echoes, was is­sued with great fan­fare and con­sid­er­able ex­pense. Nonethe­less, it bombed. In Feb­ruary 1967, his album was is­sued with con­sid­er­ably less en­thu­siasm from and a no­tice­ably smaller pro­mo­tion cam­paign by Co­lumbia. [Continue reading]