meet the new boss (true tales from the men’s room)

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IT WAS 1975, and I was out of my hippie wannabe stage. I was playing it straight; not out of choice, but ne­ces­sity. (But that’s an­other story.) I was still as anti-authoritarian as all get-out—at least when it came to bosses who were re­ally bul­lies with authority—taking crap from no one. Ex­cept, of course, from my girl­friend. In fact, my boss at the place where I worked was such an ar­se­w­hole that to this day I wish I had asked him to step out­side and duke it out! READ MORE

fake autographed rock memorabilia sold at charity fundraisers

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FAKE AUTOGRAPHS on rock & roll mem­o­ra­bilia being sold at charity fundraisers sounds like the act of a mis­an­thrope or even a so­ciopath more. Cheating folk who are spending money knowing that it will go to help others is rather das­tardly. And yet, huge sums of money are being spent on forg­eries every day!

“Hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars worth of fakes and frauds and forg­eries are sold every year through char­i­ties,” says Steve Cyrkin, ed­itor and pub­lisher of Au­to­graph Mag­a­zine. READ MORE