david anderle’s won-won-wonderfully weird portrait of brian wilson

BrianWilson 1967 DavidAnderle Painting 1500

THINGS WERE GETTING WEIRD in Brian Wilson’s world when he met David An­derle. By the third quarter of 1966, many sig­nif­i­cant changes had taken place in his life and his sur­round­ings. PET SOUNDS and Good Vi­bra­tions and the SMiLE ses­sions that everyone in Los An­geles seemed to know about had brought a very dif­ferent kind of at­ten­tion to Brian that pre­vious Beach Boys records had not. READ MORE

sex, love, hitchhiking, and other excitations

Toklas NancyTattoo 1500 crop

JUST AS LOVE AND SEX are not syn­ony­mous, nei­ther is a great song syn­ony­mous with a great record. Hell’s Belles, in such genres as rock & roll and rhythm & blues and even country & western, a great song may ac­tu­ally im­pede the making of a great record! This is es­pe­cially so if the artist and the pro­ducer focus too much on a pretty melody or a clever lyric and not on the ac­tual making of the record. READ MORE

mike love’s excitations and good vibrations

BrianWilson MikeLove studio 1966 1500 1

MIKE LOVE OF THE BEACH BOYS has a rep­u­ta­tion that has dogged him around for al­most fifty—and it’s gen­er­ally as one of the most un­pleasant people in the world of rock & roll music. Be­cause of this, he has been un­fairly cas­ti­gated for his role in the Beach Boys. In fact, many of his con­tri­bu­tions to the group’s artistic and fi­nan­cial suc­cess are often over­looked if not in­ten­tion­ally den­i­grated by critics and his­to­rians swayed by his rep. READ MORE