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guest blogging on “sixties music secrets”

THE ART OF GUEST-BLOGGING is an an­cient and ven­er­able one. And it’s ex­actly what it sounds like: posting an ar­ticle on an­other per­son’s blog at the other per­son’s in­vi­ta­tion. Why would a blogger want to be a guest blogger? Well, to reach new people and hope­fully have a few of them follow him back to his blog. [Continue reading]

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about collectables and their alleged collectability and value

BUYERS AND SELLERS of collectables—whether records or mem­o­ra­bilia or Beanie Babies—often fail to achieve their goals of fi­nan­cial suc­cess be­cause they do not un­der­stand a few basic concepts on determining col­lec­tability and value of the “seldom found.” Be­cause this a record col­lec­tors web­site, I will gen­er­ally refer to records below, but you can sub­sti­tute al­most any other col­lec­table and the com­ments re­main vir­tu­ally un­changed. [Continue reading]