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THE SURF RAIDERS Discog­raphy & Price Guide is the second of three ar­ti­cles on Bob Dalley and his group The Surf Raiders and his book Surfin’ Gui­tars. This is prob­ably the most com­plete listing of the group’s records ever pub­lished. It is also most likely the most ac­cu­rate if gen­er­al­ized price guide for the group’s records.

The first part is “Surfing Gui­tars And In­stru­mental Surf Bands Of The Early ’60s” and re­views Dalley’s book on that topic. The third part is “The Fur­ther Ad­ven­tures Of The Surf Raiders,” which is a brief bi­og­raphy and overview of the group’s history.


The values of the records and com­pact discs below have been up­dated to re­flect the market in 2020.


As many col­lec­tors are un­aware of the var­ious press­ings of some of the records below, dif­fer­ences be­tween first and later press­ings have not been es­tab­lished. Hence the 1:2 spread be­tween low and high values as­signed each item.

The Avid Record Col­lector (that’s me, folks!) used Pop­sike and Grip­sweat as ref­er­ences for es­tab­lishing values. Note that many of these records can be found at swaps, cons, and faires for less than listed below.


45 rpm singles




The image at the top is of the A-side of the Surf Raiders’ first single, the bottom image is on the B-side. The light blue-gray label is the first pressing, while the yellow label is the second. Both are equally hard to find.

 Surf Wax 101              The Curl Rider / Let There Be Surf                    $ 30-40
 Surf Wax 101 fea­tures the orig­inal ver­sions of The Curl Rider and Let There Be Surf.
First pressing of 100 copies has light blue-gray la­bels (above top).
Second pressing of 100 copies has yellow la­bels (above bottom).



Surf Wax 102             Point Con­cep­tion ’63 (slow ver­sion)  / Crash          $ 40-80
This slow ver­sion of Point Con­cep­tion could only be found on this single until the Surfin’ Fever CD was released.
• First pressing of 100 copies has dark blue labels.
• There was a re­cent sale listed on Pop­sike for 
$89 in 2016, which seems rather high. 



Surf Wax 103             Un­known / Point Con­cep­tion (fast ver­sion)           $ 40-80
First pressing of 100 copies has ma­roon la­bels. There was a re­cent sale listed on Pop­sike of $89 in 2016, which seems rather high.  

Surf Wax 104             Gum Dipped Slicks / Squad Car                               $ 10-20
Surf Wax 104             Gum Dipped Slicks / Squad Car (pic­ture sleeve)    $ 10-20
First pressing of 100 copies has ma­roon labels.





A lim­ited pressing of 100 one-sided copies of the Bob­bette record were made on see-through blue vinyl with a blank flip-side. I was un­able to find any doc­u­mented sales upon which to as­sess a real market value.

Bob­bette 373              Steel Pier / Shortnin’ Board (black vinyl)              $ 15-30
Bob­bette 373 con­tains un­re­leased ma­te­rial from the Surf Bound album.



SurfRaidersSW106_Surf Busters

Surf Wax 106             Surf Busters / Long Boards At San Onofre        $ 20-40
First pressing of 100 copies has pink labels.



Surf Wax 100            Waikiki Run / Pipeline                                                 $ 15-30
Surf Wax 100 is cred­ited to the Orig­inal Surf Raiders (Dalley, Davis, Ro­driguez, and Tanner) and con­tains tracks from the group’s early prac­tice tapes.
• Lim­ited pressing of 225 copies.


33 rpm shaped-records




Fol­lowing in the wake of the pre-occupation with col­ored vinyl and pic­ture discs, the 1980s brought us the nov­elty of “shaped-discs”: record molded in pe­cu­liar shapes. The Surf Raiders pro­vided there fans with four such discs and in­cluded a sheet of paper with tech­nical in­for­ma­tion. These are er­ro­neously re­ferred to as “pic­ture sleeves” by some sellers; they are more ac­cu­rately called one-sided in­for­ma­tional or iden­it­fi­ca­tional (sic) inserts.

Erika/Azra AE-055       Mon­ster Mash                                                             $ 10-20
Erika/Azra AE-055 is a one-sided, 33⅓ rpm pumpkin-shaped picture-disc.
•  Lim­ited edi­tion of 500 copies is­sued in a clear plastic sleeve with a num­bered paper insert.


Erika/Azra SH-01    The Surf Raiders                                                                 $ 10-20
Erika/Azra SH-01 is a one-sided, 33⅓ rpm ‘Surf Raider’-shaped disc in var­ious colors.
• Lim­ited edi­tion of 500 copies is­sued in a clear plastic sleeve with a num­bered paper insert.



Sev­eral dif­ferent photos were used in making The Surf Raider pic­ture disc, with these two above have very dif­ferent flavoring.

Erika/Azra AE-060      The Surf Raider                                                          $ 10-20
Erika/AzraAE-060 is a one-sided, 33⅓ rpm rectangle-shaped logo disc with var­ious photos.
• Lim­ited edi­tion of 500 copies is­sued in a clear plastic sleeve with a num­bered paper insert.


Erika/Azra 104         Little St. Nick                                                                    $ 10-20
Erika/Azra 104 is a one-sided, 33⅓ rpm Christmas-tree-shaped disc on green vinyl.
• Lim­ited edi­tion of 500 copies is­sued in a clear plastic sleeve with a num­bered paper in­sert. 



Extended-play al­bums (EPs)



Surf ‘n 81 (Moxie M-1039,) was the group’s first seven-inch EP. Copies of this EP with the jacket and the record in NM con­di­tion are rather rare and sell for $30-50, much less than the rarity should suggest.

Moxie 1039                 Surfin’ ’81                                                                           $ 20-30
Moxie 1039 con­tains live ver­sions of Curl Rider, Let There Be Surf, Wild Weekend, Squad Car, Church Key, and Gum Dipped Slicks.




Surf Wax 1002           Cal­i­fornia Surf                                                               $ 10-20
Surf Wax 1002 con­tains Steel Pier, Egyptian Surf, Surf Drums, Surf Party, and Surfin’ Elephant.




Archives BA-0703   Live At The Whisky A-Go Go                                       $ 15-30
• Double-record EP con­tains live ver­sions from 6/24/82: Pipeline – Squad Car – Mid­night Run – High Tide – Steel Pier – Gum Dipped Slicks – Scratch – The Wedge



Long-play (LP) albums



Surf Wax SWST-1001   Raiders Of The Lost Surf                                      $ 35-50
• The first pressing was 1,000 copies on opaque, marbleized-blue vinyl.

Surf Wax SWST-1001   Raiders Of The Lost Surf                                      $  15-20
• The second pressing was 1,000 copies on a dark, translu­cent blue vinyl. 

Surf Wax SWST-1001   Raiders Of The Lost Surf                                      Un­known
There was also a pressing on opaque black vinyl of only 100 copies in­tended for disc-jockeys. Need­less to say, this is a rather rare record with no re­ported sales on the Internet.




Surf Wax SWST-1002   Surf Bound                                                                  $ 35-50




Surf Wax SWST-1003   On The Beach!                                                            $ 15-20



Compact-disc (CD) albums



Condor Classix 9109   Surfin’ Fever                                                                  $ 5-10
This is a com­pact disc com­pi­la­tion of twenty-five pre­vi­ously re­leased tracks. This album was reis­sued by GNP-Crescendo in 2009; it has a nom­inal used CD value.

Surf Wax SWST-2003   The Orig­inal Surf Raiders                                    $ 5-10
• This album con­sists of the group’s orig­inal prac­tice tapes from April-July 1980.

Surf Wax SWST-1001   Raiders Of The Lost Surf                                       $ 5-10
• This is a reissue of the LP with four bonus cuts

Surf Wax SWST-1002   Surf Bound                                                                 $ 5-10
• This is a reissue of the LP with four bonus cuts

Surf Wax SWST-1003   On The Beach                                                             $ 5-10
• This is a reissue of the LP.



Various Artists Albums

Each album in­cludes at least one—and usu­ally only one—Surf Raiders track. All the al­bums below are vinyl LP records; com­pact discs are noted with an as­terisk (*) fol­lowing the cat­alog number. All al­bums are do­mestic US re­leases un­less oth­er­wise noted.

Var­ious artists com­pi­la­tions have very little col­lector in­terest; ex­cept for the rare or de­sir­able title, most are found readily for a cuppla bucks. Hence I did not as­sign any values to the al­bums below . . . 


GNPS-2152                      Bustin’ Surf­boards
GNPS-2152*                   Bustin’ Surf­boards

Rhino RNLP-054            His­tory Of Surf Music, Vol. 3 – The Revival



Japan JAL-2309              His­tory Of Surf Music, Vol. 3 (Japan)

In­de­pen­dent World         In­de­pen­dent World Vol. 1 (Ger­many)

What Surf W12-2406      What Surf?



What Surf W12-2409     What Surf? II



Iloiki 1008                        What Surf? III



NPR 9412*                        NPR’S In­ter­na­tional Beach Ball, Vol. 1 (Ger­many)

GNP Crescendo ???*       Sam­pler Vol. 4 – 40th An­niver­sary 1954-1994



CMUSIC Sam­pler 2*         Sounds From the In­side Vol. 2 (Aus­tralia)

Rhino R2 72418*               Cow­abunga! – The Surf Box Set

ZYX CD 55061-2*              The Cult Of Surfing (Ger­many)

ZYX 11039-2*                     The World Of Surf Music (Ger­many)



Gee Dee 270135-2*          Smells Like Teen Spirit (Ger­many)



Anubis RCD 009*              Tu­berider (Croatia)



ZYX 82821-2*                     Surf Music (Ger­many)



ZYX 090204707485*      Surf Music Hits (Ger­many)



FEATURED IMAGE: This great piece of art is by Bill Ogden and is ti­tled “Wave Study (Peak)” from 1992. I found this image on Ralph’s Pic of the Week web­site, where “Surfing heals all wounds.” Be the first on your block to read the com­plete “Lord of the Surf” trilogy here on Rather Rare Records!

1. Surfing Gui­tars And In­stru­mental Surf Bands Of The Early ‘60s
2. Surf Raiders Discog­raphy & Price Guide
3. A Com­ple­men­tary If Brief Surf Raiders Bio/Overview



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if the surf raiders printed sheet that came with the 4 inch disks aren’t called pic­ture sleeves what do you call them neal? i call them “promo inserts”.

Some great music, I bought most of it at the time and trea­sure it highly. The group were com­mitted to keeping the surf music alive and they did it in a highly pro­fes­sional manner. Surf is well and truly up.

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