where to find the closest record shows of america

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Up­dated: March 15, 2020

The Record Shows of America web­site is ap­par­ently no longer being maintained.

Nothing below means any­thing at this time . . .


IF YOU’RE A RECORD COLLECTOR, then you need to know about Record Shows of America. Hell, even if you’re not a record col­lector, you should know about this web­site, be­cause at­tending a show and seeing thou­sands of 45s and LPs hanging on walls and dis­played on ta­bles is a fun way to spend a day!

Record Shows of America is a web­site where you can look up the state in which you live and see what record col­lec­tors shows, record col­lec­tors con­ven­tions, record swap meets, or record faires are sched­uled in the near future.


Screenshot of Record Shows Of American website.

Record Shows of America site is the work of John De­Blaiso, master of cer­e­monies to the North­west Record & CD Col­lec­tors Con­ven­tion for years! (And you have to ask John about the cat.)

When’s the next show?

Record Shows of America an­swers every collector’s ques­tion, “When’s the next show?” This site is ba­si­cally a com­pre­hen­sive record show cal­endar, where simple record show list­ings are al­ways free!

Record Shows of America went on­line in Jan­uary 2005, and has other fea­tures, such as store and web site list­ings for busi­nesses. It has been growing ever since, and has just reached the #1 spot on Google as well as sev­eral other search engines.



The Austin Record Con­ven­tion is the largest sale of recorded music in the USA. There are over one mil­lion 78s, 45s, LPs, CDs, cas­settes, posters, and music-related mem­o­ra­bilia avail­able. Over 300 dif­ferent dealers from all over the USA and Eu­rope are spread out over 50,000 square feet of floor space. The show is so big that to see every­thing takes most of the weekend.

O, Canada!

Record Shows of America of­fers free list­ings to any and all records shows being held in Canada. Alas, no show has taken ad­van­tage of this offer and so there are no shows listed for Canada.

Contacting Record Shows of America

To con­tact Record Shows of America about listing your record show, or placing an ad­ver­tise­ment for your store, use this ad­dress: [email protected]


Stereo4 LPs 2000

FEATURED IMAGE: I found this photo of boxes filled with used LPs sev­eral years ago while skim­ming the in­ternet. While I copied the photo, I forgot to col­lect the ad­dress of the site where I found it. Con­se­quently, I can’t prop­erly credit the un­known site for use of this image.


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Thanks for info on Record Shows of America. On a site called Word­smith that gives you a word a day. To­days word “bogart” I would re­ceive help on naming the group that sang “don’t bogart that joint” at the record shows. Was it “Fra­ter­nity of Men”?

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