rather rare records has a slightly new look

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THERE IS A NEW FEATURED IMAGE on Rather Rare Records! I have used the same pho­to­graph on the home page of this blog for years. That photo had two draw­backs: While tasteful, it was mono­chro­matic and not very eye-catching. The new photo is col­orful, dra­matic yet playful, and seems to say, “Hey—look at me!”

The second draw­back was that I found the photo years ago and down­loaded it onto my com­puter. Un­for­tu­nately, I did not take down the name of the pho­tog­ra­pher nor did I even re­member the web­site! So, I have been using the lovely photo of a turntable without prop­erly cred­iting the photographer.

That changed yesterday.

The pho­to­graph that now graces this blog was taken by Bob Clark, who gen­er­ously posted it on Pexels and al­lows people like me to use it free of charge. 


RRR turntable BobClark 1500

FEATURED IMAGE: The only in­for­ma­tion re­garding this photo that I found is a title—the rather pro­saic “Photo of Vinyl Player”—and that it was up­loaded on June 3, 2018. To view more of Bob Clark’s work, click here.



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