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some commonly misused terms in record collecting

THERE IS SOME CONFUSION regarding the use of certain terms for buying and selling records that is rampant on the Internet! It is also true at record stores, record collectors conventions, and through the mail using self-published sale lists, ads in magazines such as Goldmine—but not to the degree that one encounters it on the ‘Net. [Read more] “some commonly misused terms in record collecting”

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on paul williams, the father of rock journalism

I WAS 28-YEARS OLD and living in St. Helena, the heart of California’s Napa Valley. I had a job learning the care and maintenance of plants at Four Seasons Nursery, which I enjoyed, as plant people tend to be friendly people. I was in love with a beautiful woman who was in love with me. [Read more] “on paul williams, the father of rock journalism”

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just how many people have died from a marijuana overdose?

WHAT’S A “MARIJUANA OVERDOSE”? That rhetorical question was inspired by the headline “Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose” to an article in today’s HuffingtonPost (September 4, 2013). It states that US Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn’t intervene as Colorado and Washington implement plans for a system of legalized marijuana:

“In a joint letter written to Holder on Friday, law enforcement organizations warned that his move would lead to more crime, violence, and even death. [Read more] “just how many people have died from a marijuana overdose?”

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on determining collectability value rather rare records

BUYERS AND SELLERS of collectables, whether records or record related memorabilia or bloody Beanie Babies, often fail to achieve their goals of financial success because they do not understand a few basic concepts concerning the nature of a collectable—any collectable. Because this a record collectors website, I will refer to records in this essay, but you can substitute almost any other collectable and the comments remain virtually unchanged. [Read more] “on determining collectability value rather rare records”

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