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hyperbolic exaggeration in pop culture and miss patsy cline

MISS PATSY CLINE may seem to be the focus of this ar­ticle, but she’s not—at least, not pri­marily. Pri­marily it’s about hy­per­bole in de­scribing the ac­com­plish­ments of pop­ular stars, even when the artist doesn’t need any em­bell­ish­ment to shine among the other stars. Fans of any field of artistic or ath­letic en­deavor are given to ex­ces­sive brag­ging about their faves, whether it’s rock bands or comic book artists or base­ball players. [Continue reading]

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the kinks’ arthur album and related singles 1969

THE KINKS’ ARTHUR album of 1969 was a smashing suc­cess with the critics and the few fans that the once pop­ular group still had at the time. It sold better than any Kinks album had in re­cent memory, but barely graced the best-selling charts. ARTHUR has grown in pres­tige through the years and now both orig­inal press­ings and even reis­sues are sought after by collectors. [Continue reading]

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the kinks on arthur and finding shangri-la

AS WE BEGIN OUR STORY some­time in late 1970, the Kinks were in a bit of a bad way. De­spite being one of the pre­mier groups of the British In­va­sion of 1964, they had not reached the Top 40 in the US since mid-1966. Even in their homeland—their own Vil­lage Green, filled with Arthur and mil­lions like him—it had been more than a year since they’d had a hit! [Continue reading]