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why did rca have to export david bowie records to england in the ’70s?

THERE ARE A HANDFUL OF RECORDS from the ’70s that are so common among British col­lec­tors that they re­ceive little at­ten­tion from them. But they are all rather rare records out­side of the UK—so rare, that most non-UK col­lec­tors have only seen them as im­ages on the in­ternet! [Continue reading]

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an addendum to “the sounds of silence” article

WHILE RESEARCHING THE ARTICLE that I just pub­lished, I amassed al­most 5,000 words of in­for­ma­tion and more than three dozen im­ages. I deleted al­most one-third of those words and im­ages and ti­tled the com­pleted ar­ticle “Is It The Sounds Of Si­lence or The Sound Of Si­lence?” What was left behind—the flotsam and jetsam—is what you will find below: an ad­dendum to the orig­inal article! [Continue reading]