a nexus between a few old articles and their new versions

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THIS IS NOT A NEW ARTICLE! It’s a transfer point from a series of old articles to a series of rewritten articles. So, if you just came upon this piece accidentally, there’s nothing here to read. However, if you are looking for any one of the eleven articles from the “We Buy White Albums” series from 2105, then read on.

I took those original eleven articles and combined them into seven “new” articles. Along the way, I deleted some extraneous material and added new material and new images.

These are the new articles:

Sgt. Pepper On Blue Jay Way (Beatles ’68 Part 1)

In Search Of The Lost Mentor (Beatles ’68 Part 2)

Unplugging The White Album (Beatles ’68 Part 3)

Getting Back To Roots And Things (Beatles ’68 Part 4)

How Richard Hamilton Jazzed Up The White Album (Beatles ’68 Part 5)

Donovan Knows A Beach Where It Never Ends

Rutherford Chang Wants To Buy Your White Album (And Yours And Yours)


Chang WhiteAlbumWall 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page consists of seventy original copies of The Beatles two-record album from 1968. This album has been referred to as “The White Album” since its release due to its front and back covers being almost entirely white. The seventy albums were cropped from a photo of 100 such albums that could be found as a wall-display at Rutherford Chang’s “We Buy White Albums” project. For more on Mr. Chang and his collection of used and abused White Albums, refer to the appropriate article above.




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