a nexus between a few old articles and their new versions

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THIS IS NOT A NEW ARTICLE! It’s a transfer point from a se­ries of old ar­ti­cles to a se­ries of rewritten ar­ti­cles. So, if you just came upon this piece ac­ci­den­tally, there’s nothing here to read. How­ever, if you are looking for any one of the eleven ar­ti­cles from the “We Buy White Al­bums” se­ries from 2105, then read on.

I took those orig­inal eleven ar­ti­cles and com­bined them into seven “new” ar­ti­cles. Along the way, I deleted some ex­tra­neous ma­te­rial and added new ma­te­rial and new images.

These are the new articles:

Sgt. Pepper On Blue Jay Way (Bea­tles ’68 Part 1)

In Search Of The Lost Mentor (Bea­tles ’68 Part 2)

Un­plug­ging The White Album (Bea­tles ’68 Part 3)

Get­ting Back To Roots And Things (Bea­tles ’68 Part 4)

How Richard Hamilton Jazzed Up The White Album (Bea­tles ’68 Part 5)

Donovan Knows A Beach Where It Never Ends

Ruther­ford Chang Wants To Buy Your White Album (And Yours And Yours)


Chang WhiteAlbumWall 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page con­sists of sev­enty orig­inal copies of The Bea­tles two-record album from 1968. This album has been re­ferred to as “The White Album” since its re­lease due to its front and back covers being al­most en­tirely white. The sev­enty al­bums were cropped from a photo of 100 such al­bums that could be found as a wall-display at Ruther­ford Chang’s “We Buy White Al­bums” project. For more on Mr. Chang and his col­lec­tion of used and abused White Al­bums, refer to the ap­pro­priate ar­ticle above.




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