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a little personal background information

WHEN REQUIRED TO POST A PROFILE on the internet, I usually write, “Mystical liberal likes long walks alone at night in the dark in the city in the rain with an umbrella and a flask of 10-year-old Laphroaig.” While this bit of irony works for some readers, others want a little more in terms of personal background information. [Read more] “a little personal background information”

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where has rather rare records been during the pandemic?

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the cheesiest semi-legal records in the world!

I MOVED TO CALIFORNIA from Pennsylvania in June 1978. I naively believed I would find some semblance of “the sixties” hidden away in San Francisco. But in only a few years, most of it had been blotted out. There were still a lot of hand-painted Victorian houses and a few hip coffee shops and bookstores.

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where was the “vinyl rapture” before the “vinylgeddon”?

WHILE THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG is to address the records that were released decades before most of the people who spend the most time on the internet were even born, I can look at a current topic every now and again. I suppose my fascination with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in not establishing some objective standards for eligibility and the equally obstinate Wikipedia in insisting on “sources” but not on hiring editors to fact-check those sources. [Read more] “where was the “vinyl rapture” before the “vinylgeddon”?”

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wikipedia really messed up “music recording certification”

I LEFT WIKIPEDIA ALONE for the past few months, even though critiquing their entries is like shooting fish in a barrel. When it comes to “definitions” of persons and terms regarding popular music, Wikipedia’s theme song seems to be a well-known song by Elvis: “If you’re looking for trouble, you’ve come to the right place. [Read more] “wikipedia really messed up “music recording certification””

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talkin’ ’bout the bleeding heart liberal petition blues

I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE titled Bleeding Heart Liberal Petitions. Most days, I receive a slew of emails with petitions for various causes such as saving an endangered species, urging my representatives in state and federal government to vote for or against a particular bill, protest an injustice, etc. I read them all, sign most of them, and add a few to the Facebook page. [Read more] “talkin’ ’bout the bleeding heart liberal petition blues”

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the expense and inconvenience of collecting vinyl today

MY OLD (OLD) BUDDY, Jerichau St. John, posted a cartoon on my Facebook page. It struck an immediate chord in my record collector’s soul. I left a comment for JSJ and then went looking for the image online. I found it and I am sharing it here with my readers. The cartoon is by Alex Gregory and was published in The New Yorker on May 25, 2015. [Read more] “the expense and inconvenience of collecting vinyl today”

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what is a sex kitten and where have they all gone?

WHILE TWEAKING AN ARTICLE for publication on my Tell It Like It Was publication on Medium, I noticed that I had referred to lead singer Diana Ross’s soft, whispery vocals on all three of the Supremes’ #1 hits of 1964 as “sex kittenish.” They certainly were coyly flirtatious and the antithesis of most soul singers of the ’60s. [Read more] “what is a sex kitten and where have they all gone?”

rutherford chang wants to buy your “white album”

IN NOVEMBER 1968, the Beatles released their long-awaited new album. It had been eighteen long months since their landmark Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an unheard-of period of time between albums in the ’60s. Unlike the over-the-top presentation of Sgt. Pepper, the new album did not have a clever title or a colorful jacket.

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