Neal Umphred Dot Com (blog)

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ASIDE FROM THIS BLOG, I am currently doing my goldarndest to keep five other blogs running. One of them is Neal Umphred Dot Com (“a blog about ratiocinations of thin air and elsewhere”), which is my flagship site. This was my first venture into the wild and wooly ways of the world wide web and covers just about anything that catches my attention, including:

•  Arts & Artists
•  Baseball
•  Books & Authors
•  Fantasy & Science Fiction
•  Comic Books
•  Irony on the Internet
•  Movies & Television
•  My Poetry
•  Neal’s Musings (Hardly Political)
•  Neal’s Rants (Mostly Political)
•  Not Too Tall Tales
•  Strunkenwhitenit!

Or if you want to take a peek at Neal Umphred Dot Com, just click HERE.