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THE ART OF GUEST-BLOGGING is an ancient and venerable one. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: posting an article on another person’s blog at the other person’s invitation. Why would a blogger want to be a guest blogger? Well, to reach new people and hopefully have a few of them follow him back to his blog.

It’s arguably the best strategy to build a following for your blog (or, in the new terminology, “build your brand”). I have known it was a good strategy for the six years I have been blogging but, for one reason or another, simply never got around to it.

But I just did!

Between 1964 and 1966 the Beatles made less than four dozen shows in America, two of them in Seattle, Washington, in August 1966. 14-year-old Marcia Long was in the audience for one of those shows and she recalls the event from the perspective of a fan fifty years removed from the event in a just-published article.


Medium 45 1966 Beatles YellowSubmarine PS EC 600

At the time that the Fab Four appeared in Seattle in 1966, both sides of their new single had just debuted on the Cash Box Top 100: Yellow Sumarine at #24 and Eleanor Rigby at #58. The former would reach #1 while the latter peaked at #12.

Secrets of ’60s music

My role in that piece was to frame it with some background information, edit and piece it all together, and make the whole thing look good and read better.

Rather than publish it on my Rather Rare Records site, I queried Rick Shoemaker to see if he might want me as a guest blogger on his Sixties Music Secrets blog.

And he did! So now Marcia and I are guest bloggers on Sixties Music Secrets.

Rick subtitles his site “Music, Commentary and Trivia from the 60s.” In an introduction to SMS he states, “Sixties Music Secrets is an eclectic, entertaining, and informative audio/visual blog supported with insightful conversation between the knowledgeable, curious, and nostalgic, regarding all things musical from the 1960’s.”

So now you can read about Marcia’s experience of wanting to see the Beatles (dreaming) and then taking the steps to make it happen (action!) fifty-three years ago in I Was Sure Paul Would See Me.”


Beatles Seattle 1966 PaulJohn onstage WallieFunk 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is Paul and John on stage at the Seattle Coliseum on August 25, 1966. It was taken by local photographer and newspaper publisher Wallie Funk:

“One day I heard they were coming to Seattle. I had a paper. I wanted our paper to have a presence. The younger generation seemed to be forming new alliances with some extraordinary musicians. The Beatles were beginning to create an international stir. I was aware every place they went they were developing a huge youth fandom. People said, ‘I’m not going to have my kids exposed to this.’ It didn’t make any difference—they came.”

They came and Wallie went and took some photos that can be found in the article “Celebrating Seven Decades of Creative Inspirationon the Anacortes Magazine website.




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