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QUESTIONS ABOUT POP MUSIC and pop records (pop, rock, soul, even a bit of country) can be found on Quora every day. Over the past few years, I have at­tempted to an­swer some of them. As the na­ture of the ques­tions varies from se­rious to asi­nine, so does the na­ture of my an­swers. In many, I take a far­cical or ironic tone as the ques­tion is too d-u-m-b to de­serve se­rious consideration.

Below you will find links to an­swers that I have posted to these ques­tions. A few an­swers in­clude com­ments from other readers. Should you want to read other peo­ple’s an­swers to the same ques­tion, simply click on the ques­tion at the top of the page on Quora and it will take you to other an­swers and comments.

I know, I know: I shouldn’t be wasting my time an­swering many of these ridicu­lous ques­tions. In­stead, I should be pecking away at my key­board, fin­ishing se­rious ar­ti­cles about music and records. But some­times, writers just want to have fun.

Now, some ques­tions de­serve and re­quire se­rious, lengthy re­sponses; a few of them I have used as the basis for an ar­ticle on this blog. To find those ar­ti­cles, go to the search op­tion above (the spy­glass in the nav­i­ga­tion bar at the top of every page), and type in “quora.”


BeachBoys Today m 800

Byrds TurnTurnTurn US s 800

RollingStones DecembersChildren LP m 800 1

Here are three fan­tastic LP al­bums from 1965: The Beach Boys Today!, the Byrds’ Turn! Turn! Turn!, and the Rolling Stones’ De­cem­ber’s Chil­dren. On Quora, I oc­ca­sion­ally ad­dress ques­tions about records like these, whether it’s cor­recting an error (there are so many) or ex­pressing an opinion (ditto).

The questions

Ques­tions are listed chrono­log­i­cally from oldest (top of the list) to newest. There are more than sixty ques­tions, so you are not going to get through them all in one sit­ting! All the ques­tions ap­pear below as they ap­peared on Quora—warts and all (grammar, punc­tu­a­tion, dumb­ness, etc.). So, if you have been here be­fore and want to see the latest ques­tions and an­swers, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.


Beatles RubberSoul Capitol s 800

The Bea­tles’ Rubber Soul was re­leased in the final weeks of 1965. It was strik­ingly dif­ferent from their pre­vious al­bums, both in the more “ma­ture” music on the record and with the slightly mind-bending graphics on the front cover.

The Beatles

As the Bea­tles are the Bea­tles, I have a sep­a­rate page de­voted to the ques­tions on Quora about them. So, for ques­tions specif­i­cally about the Bea­tles as a group, the four mem­bers as solo artists, and topics re­lated di­rectly to ei­ther of those, click here. More gen­er­al­ized ques­tions that also in­clude the Fab Four may be found below.




What song did you “rock out to” this morning?

Will Boston ever be in­ducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

Who is the ab­solute worst artist to be in­ducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Why did the NWA get in­ducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

What British artist or band was most re­spon­sible for the “Blues Re­vival” of the 1960’s?

What classic rock guitar would you kill to own?

If you were tasked with saving a single album be­fore all others were de­stroyed -- what would you save and why?

What other songs have a melody sim­ilar or iden­tical to that of Cold­play’s “42”?

Why are Drakes songs so pop­ular with people?

What do heavy metal music fans think about modern pop music?

Why are Britney Spears’ songs so edgy?

What are some good cur­rent pop albums?

What are the best al­bums that didn’t sell well?

What is the reason bands have big fandoms?

Is it un­common to nat­u­rally not pay at­ten­tion to the lyrics in most songs?

Why are the best British rock bands?

Who was the first rock & roll su­per­star to be dis­carded and for­gotten to time?

Who’s more tal­ented: One Di­rec­tion or Justin Bieber?

Which rel­a­tively un­known mu­si­cians will gain wide­spread popularity?

Who’s the worst vo­calist in music?

Who’s a better singer, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or Ce­line Dionne?

Could Kurt Cobain have stood the test of time in terms of re­maining a rel­e­vant song writer?

What was songwriter/musician Joe South like, per­son­ally, as a man?

What fa­mous singer could you re­place on stage, be­cause you know their music so well?

Who are the all time great front men in music?

Who likes this singer?

Do old people enjoy pop music?

Which mu­si­cians ru­ined their ca­reers with their reck­less behavior?

If you were a fa­mous mu­si­cian, who would you want to do a show with?

Would you rather live with Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Prince or Elvis Presley?

Who are the five greatest mu­si­cians of all-time?

Do you know of an album that has a heart or hearts on the cover art?

Was there music that sounded like modern Rock or Pop be­fore the 1900’s?

Who are some of the most over­rated singers/musicians?

Which fa­mous singers are also re­ally talanted?

What singer or group would you like to re­lease new music?

Isn’t it time that we gave Chubby Checker more credit for the in­ven­tion of rock & roll than Elvis?

Who are some up and coming artists that you listen to?

Why is there often drama within suc­cessful music bands?

When is Jackie gonna ask a ques­tion about Free Will so Neal can try to an­swer it?

What mu­si­cian had the greatest fall in stature?

What is the point of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Why did Mick Taylor leave The Rolling Stones?

What do you think of Bono?

What was your fa­vorite era of pop music (ie 80s, 90s, 2000s) and why?

When did people start to dance and create music?

What are some audio for­mats that should have been more pop­ular with the public?

What is your re­view of Michael Jack­son’s 1982 album, Thriller?

What is the greatest lead track on an artist’s debut album?

What is the most mis­un­der­stood Led Zep album?

Are Pop lyrics get­ting more and more repetitive?

How did ABBA get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? They were very good mu­si­cally but it was pop not rock. The hall has never been con­sis­tent in its en­shrine­ment cri­teria, has it?

What is your fa­vorite Southern Rock song?

What is Madon­na’s greatest talent?

What is your re­view of Madon­na’s new song Medellin?

What was your fa­vorite Spring­steen con­cert or performance?

What classic rock mem­o­ra­bilia would you like to own?

Why aren’t Her­man’s Her­mits in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

What rock bands did you listen to growing up?

Does Arthur Lee and Love be­long in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Should the Car­pen­ters be in­ducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

What qual­i­fies an artist(s) to be con­sid­ered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

What will you al­ways re­member Madonna for?

Why did the solo ca­reer of Mick Jagger fail?

Who sings the song As tears go by better The Rolling Stones or Mar­i­anne Faithfull?

Did the Moody Blues break up?

Was the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds the best album of the 1960s?

What is your honest re­view of Bruce Spring­steen’s 1975 album, Born to Run?

What are some ex­am­ples of how fa­mous Madonna re­ally was in her heyday?

Which bands de­serve to be in­ducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but still aren’t?

Should Mick Jagger be in­ducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame as a solo artist?

Does Bad Com­pany be­long in the Rock and Roll of Hall of Fame?

Does Mott the Hoople be­long in the Rock and Roll of Fame?

What’s your cur­rent favourite song?

What is The Vogues’ most suc­cessful song?

How is the best song ever decided?

Which mu­si­cian has supris­ingly good (or bad) sales?

How suc­cessful was the Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge album?

What are the sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween Jimi Hen­drix and Kurt Cobain?

What rock bands only have two members?

Was Led Zep­pelin a better rock group than the Bea­tles and Rolling Stones?

What is your honest re­view of The Rolling Stones’ 1972 album, Exile on Main Street?

What is your least fa­vorite Rolling Stones album and why?What is the Rolling Stones song Sat­is­fac­tion about?

Will Jack White even­tu­ally be in­ducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Did you ever think that you’d still be lis­tening to The Rolling Stones when they were in their 70s, and had to take pee breaks during their sets?

What is your re­view of Funkadelic’s 1971 album, Maggot Brain?

What is Johnny Mathis’ most suc­cessful song?

What are some classic al­bums that make you sob uncontrollably?

How can you de­ter­mine a record al­bum’s value?

What is Hank Bal­lard’s most suc­cessful song?

When did rock music stop being banned?

What was the most fa­mous mu­si­cian during the year you were born?

Are there any of the classic rockers still over-indulge on the road?

What’s your favourite song on Bob Dy­lan’s Slow Train Coming album?

What would Mick Jagger have done with his life if he hadn’t had a ca­reer with The Rolling Stones?

Most great classic bands have one song that’s de­fin­i­tive of the group. The Bea­tles do not. Why?

What do you think of when ‘Day­dream’ by the Lovin’ Spoonful comes in the radio?

Which fa­mous rock or pop star aged 60 or older has written and per­formed a song that has equaled or sur­passed those for which the artist was known at the peak of his/her career?

What changes are there in a pop­ular song from 40-60 years ago when it is “dig­i­tally remastered”?

Who was the greatest mu­si­cian ever that is still being ref­er­enced today even after their death?

Do you con­sider Johnny Cash as rock and roll?

What’s on your classic rock playlist?

Does the Guess Who be­long in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

What scales are good for psy­che­delic music?

Why did Johnny Cash write so much about jail?

What first got you in­ter­ested in music?

If The Rolling Stones re­leased an album of Bea­tles songs, would you buy a copy?

Who truly de­serves credit for in­venting rock music? Who were the most in­flu­en­tial forerunners?

What is your fa­vorite song from The Rolling Stones’ 1967 album, Their Sa­tanic Majesties Request?

Who gets to call Mick Jagger, Mike or Michael?

What do ex­pert vo­cal­ists think of Mick Jag­ger’s singing?

Now that we’re about two decades into dig­ital and streaming music, why have we not seen the much proph­e­sied “Death of the album”?

How do you straighten warped record albums?

What Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in­duc­tions have moved you the most?

What is rock and roll?

Have you ever seen Bruce Spring­steen in con­cert when he did not ap­pear to be at his best?

What is your honest re­view of The Clash’s 1980 album, London Calling?

Why did the 60s rock group The Byrds disband?

What year has rock music changed the most?

Will people still listen to The Rolling Stones in 100 years?

Why wasn’t “Three Dog Night” not in­ducted into the Mu­sical Hall of Fame? What qual­i­fi­ca­tions did the band fail to meet? Is judging highly subjective?

What is the first ‘classic’ rock vinyl record(s) you ever got?

Why was the Rolling Stones album in the 1978 album “Some Girls” so New York-centric?

Will Link Wray ever make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Why does the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in­duct mem­bers that do not play Rock and Roll?

Are the Doobie Brothers Hall of Fame worthy?

If you were stuck in an el­e­vator with a rock star (living or dead), who would it be?

Why has the rock band AC/DC stayed suc­cessful for so long?

After Rush, is there a close 2nd for the greatest Cana­dian rock band of all time?

Is the cre­ativity in al­bums pur­pose­fully mod­er­ated as most al­bums I have lis­tened to are a 4.5 out of 5 with low stan­dards for a 5/5 in quality? Is there a for­mula for get­ting that quality rating?

How would you rank every BTS album?

What’s the best selling bootleg album of all time?

Who are/were the most con­niving and ruth­less big wigs in the music industry?

Why do young people listen to re­ally old rock music?

Do you agree with Johnny Ra­mone, that the Ra­mones are the most in­flu­en­tial Amer­ican rock band ever? If not, what Amer­ican band do you think was more influential?

How is rock and roll his­tory viewing Herman’s Hermits?

How im­por­tant to rock and roll was Little Richard, who died on May 9, 2020?

What was the most an­tic­i­pated album of the late 1960’s?

What are your fa­vorite Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performances?

What do you think of the Rolling Stones’ first new song in eight years, “Living In A Ghost Town”?

What is meant by “steam marks” on a vinyl record album?

What causes tiny speck marks down in the sur­face of a record album that is oth­er­wise new old stock but in near mint condition?

Who was the most in­flu­en­tial Amer­ican singer be­tween the two World Wars?

What is the best bassline in rock music of all time?

What are your thoughts on the re­cent Grammy nominations?

What pop­ular songs men­tion or al­lude to time in the song title?

What’s a great classic rock song that most people have never heard?

Who are some de­ceased mu­si­cians that you wish you could have played/jammed with?

I heard there was a short lived su­per­group com­prising Keith Richards, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, and Mitch Mitchell. Who was Mitchell, and why is he not well known?

What is the best rolling stones album for a newbie? I’m 15 and just started get­ting into metal and rock

Was 1996 one of the best years for mu­sical albums?

When did artists first begin re­leasing albums?

What was the most sig­nif­i­cant mo­ment in America’s age of Rock n’ Roll?

Why is “Jay Z” being in­ducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, yet Billy Squier is not? “Jay Z” has nothing to do with rock and roll.

When Bill Wyman re­leased his solo album, Monkey Grip Glue, what was the re­ac­tion from the other mem­bers of The Rolling Stones?

What’s one thing you would ask Michael Jackson to stop if he were still alive?

Why isn’t Bobby Golds­boro in the Rick and Roll Hall of Fame?

How do music artists get plat­inum records now?

How many records did The Mon­kees sell worldwide?

Would a rare, un­re­leased album be a com­pi­la­tion album?

What song gave you chills the first time you lis­tened to it?

For those who were around in the 1960s and saw Michael Jackson as a little kid around the age of 9-10, did you ever think then that he would be­come the greatest en­ter­tainer and icon that had ever lived?

How come I know so much about The Bea­tles and very little about The Rolling Stones?

What are the dif­ferent types of record sleeves?

How many dif­ferent ver­sions of an album have been re­leased by artists be­fore they settle on one final ver­sion to sell to their fans?

What are the best Frank Zappa songs to start with if you are not fa­miliar with his music?

Which artist sang the song “Break away”?

How many takes did it take to shoot the scene where Mick Jagger sings Sym­pathy for the Devil?

Is the resur­gence of vinyl records just a fad that will fade away like cas­sette tapes and CDs did be­fore them?

What are some al­bums that were huge hits but never went platinum?

What are the best al­bums by The Band?

If I went back in time and played country music for him, what would he think?

Why are the Beach Boys and the Bea­tles con­sid­ered two of the greatest bands of all time?

Is it a pos­si­bility that one day the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” will have broad­ened its eligigibility cri­teria so much that it will in­clude modern “clas­sical music” and then they’ll have to in­duct Mozart and others to be consistent?

What is a good name for a psy­che­delic rock band?

What was the first album or artist that you bought with your own money?

If you could have any vinyl record, what would it be?

Which band has the worst album covers?

What is the number of records the Byrds sold, and if “Mr. Tam­bourine Man” and “Turn, Turn, Turn” ever re­ceived gold records?

What is the best album by The Rolling Stones that is not as well-known as their other albums?

How much money did Little Richard make from Pat Boone’s cover of his songs?