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I got a springsteen “spirit in the night” worth five grand, easy!

WATCHING SCENES WITH VINYL RECORDS or references to vinyl records in movies and television shows usually causes record collectors to laugh. The person responsible for placing the record in the scene almost always gets something about the record or the chronology wrong. Or makes an exaggerated claim about its value (“It’s worth five grand, easy”). [Continue reading]

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did paul mccartney really blow his mind out in a car in 1966?

A QUORA READER asked me “What is something that needs to be said about Paul McCartney?” This is an open-ended question and, for those of us who will go to our graves in awe of Beatlepaul but will probably go there also still trying to come to grips with Wingpaul, it’s also a loaded question. [Continue reading]


three nights three movies

Just wanted to recommend a trio of movies connected by gorgeous music to enjoy on a trio of nights, preferably one after the other. These are not movie reviews, merely recommendations: three nights three movies excellent music . . .


First night: Mao’s Last Dancer is an Australian film directed by Bruce Beresford (2009) and based on dancer Li Cunxin’s autobiography of the same title. [Continue reading]

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ken thorne chose the chase in the tyrol to the bitter end

IN THE EARLY ’70s, I discovered that when a British fan bought a copy of the Beatles’ 1965 album HELP! on Parlophone in the UK, he got a Beatles album with fourteen new Beatles recordings. When an American fan bought the same title on Capitol in the US, he got an “original soundtrack album” with only seven new Beatles recordings! [Continue reading]