another errant umphred post bites the dust

Es­ti­mated reading time is 1 minute.

ONCE AGAIN it’s hap­pened: I ac­ci­den­tally pushed the Pub­lish button on Word­Press in­stead of the Save Draft button. Of course, the two but­tons shouldn’t be near one an­other so ac­ci­dents like these should never occur.

But the two but­tons are a couple of inches apart and when I’m fo­cused on com­posing some­times I just press the wrong damn button.

And then there is an er­rant ar­ticle on the loose on the won­derful world wide web and Ithe best I can do is write an apology like this and wish you the best:

Have a lovely day and al­ways carry an umbrella . . .





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