managerial problems faced by a rock & roll band

Estimated reading time is 1 minute.JUST STUMBLED over this on Facebook and I wanted to post it here immediately sans commentary. This is a lesson that EVERY one of you wannabe recording artists should watch until it is burned into the deepest recesses of your lizard-brain: a brief description of the managerial problems faced by a rock and roll band . . .

If you don’t know these articulate lecturers, they are Mark Volman (the hair) and Howard Kaylan (the beard). They were the two lead singers for the Turtles from 1964 through 1970.

After the group broke up, the two continued under the ridiculous name of the Phlorescent Leech & Eddie and recorded as the primary vocalists for Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention (1970-71).

Shortening their moniker to Flo & Eddie, they continued on as a comedic singing duo, which they remain more than forty years later.


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