the expense and inconvenience of collecting vinyl today

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MY OLD (OLD) BUDDY, Jerichau St. John, posted a car­toon on my Face­book page. It struck an im­me­diate chord in my record col­lec­tor’s soul. I left a com­ment for JSJ and then went looking for the image on­line. I found it and I am sharing it here with my readers. The car­toon is by Alex Gre­gory and was pub­lished in The New Yorker on May 25, 2015.


AlexGregory cartoon vinyl 1000


The com­ment that I left on Face­book was, “I’m guessing the car­toonist didn’t wit­ness all his friends giving their turnta­bles and LPs to Good­will thirty years ago and then buying hugely ex­pen­sive (and usu­ally shitty) CD players and re­placing all those LPs they paid $5 apiece for with CDs that cost $15 apiece.

The best part was when all their ‘per­fect dig­ital sound’ CDs were re­placed by better, more per­fect CDs a few years later—which cost $18 apiece.

Then came gold-plated with even more per­fect sound.

Then came 24-bit CDs . . .”


Turntable Grammy 1600

FEATURED IMAGE: I found this nifty photo of a turntable and record on the Grammy web­site ac­com­pa­nying an ar­ticle ti­tled “HD Vinyl Al­bums Ex­pected As Early As Summer 2019.” Which can be read cyn­i­cally as yet an­other move/ploy by the recording in­dustry to get in­vet­erate vinyl junkies (the ad­dic­tion is ap­par­ently to buying, not lis­tening) to buy their umpteenth copy of RUBBER SOUL and BORN TO RUN at $25-30 a pop.

Find more Alex Gre­gory car­toons at Car­toon Col­lec­tions.


HD vinyl al­bums ex­pected which can be read cyn­i­cally as yet an­other ploy to get in­vet­erate vinyl junkies to buy their umpteenth copy of RUBBER SOUL and BORN TO RUN at $25-30 a pop. Click To Tweet



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