on how not to handle your records

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IF I EVER GET AROUND to writing a book about the how’s, why’s, and where­fore’s of col­lecting records, I will in­clude a chapter on “On How Not To Handle Your Records.” How­ever the book is laid out, I would hope to use a photo like the one below for this chapter.

I as­sume every­body reading this blog knows not to handle their records in a manner that places the oil and dirt on their fin­ger­tips on the grooves of the record. So, here is an out­line for the afore­men­tioned chapter:

1.  Never touch the grooves of a record with anything.
2.  Only touch the edge of the record or the label area.

The former in­cludes fin­gers, nose, and other ex­trem­i­ties; the latter in­cludes the trail-off vinyl in the label area. It’s prob­ably a good idea not to allow your friends to play or play with your records . . .


Uta HowNotToHandleRecords 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is of Uta Re­ichen­vater and a friend playing with their records rather than playing their al­bums. While there are more than a dozen photos of the leg­gily tall Fraulein Re­ichen­vater on the in­ternet, I could not find any bi­o­graph­ical in­for­ma­tion other than she was a “German model” and the photos were taken by Heinz Browers some­time in the late 1960s.

I placed those two words in quo­ta­tion marks be­cause if she was an es­tab­lished model, there should be some bi­o­graph­ical in­for­ma­tion some­where. It’s more likely that she was an at­trac­tive young woman who thought she was a model or with whom Herr Browers ap­par­ently agreed.


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