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OKAY, YOU BOUGHT A RECORD ON EBAY! You’d been looking for a clean copy for years to fill a gaping hole in your collection—and now you have it! You’ve completed the deal and you’re a happy camper with your latest acquisition. Here is what every eBay buyer needs to know after you have completed your purchase.

Here are the normal steps that you as a buyer probably went through to complete your eBay transaction:

•  You paid for the record that you either won at auction or paid the Buy It Now price.

•  You received the record via the US mail in a timely manner.

•  You have inspected the record and it is as advertised (or better).

•  You are pleased with the record, you are pleased with the transaction, and you are pleased with the seller!

So, everything is hunky-dory and all is right in the world! But there is another step that’s important in all eBay transactions: the next step is to go back to eBay and leave positive feedback for the seller.


When leaving feedback for a seller, anything less than 5 stars actually hurts the seller at eBay’s end!


This brief article here is not all about the minutiae of Ebay’s feedback system and how it assists the seller at Ebay’s end. But you should know that the feedback you leave a seller can affect other buyers: a feedback score under a certain number can dissuade buyers from ordering from a seller.

So, if you have had a positive transaction, tell other potential buyers!

When leaving feedback, anything less than five (5) stars HURTS the seller at eBay’s end. So, as an eBay seller, I ask you to read the one-page comic strip below and follow its advice . . .



Needless to say, if your transaction was not satisfactory, that requires other actions. Common issues include tardiness in shipping an item, over-grading an item, or misrepresenting an item. There can be innocent explanations for each of these: contact the seller before leaving negative feedback. Address your complaints and see if an arrangement can be made to make you a satisfied eBay buyer.



FEATURED IMAGE: This image at the top of this page is a collage by James Wapotich from his Owl Dreaming sequence. Like virtually every collage artist of the past seventy years, Mr. Wapotich was influenced by the groundbreaking and surreal work of Max Ernst.

The master Dada famously said, “Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.” Of course, this has nothing to do with eBay or this article but I do love a good collage and Wapotich’s work is exceptional, so I thought I’d share!

Finally, I am posting this article on all of my websites because it is of interest to all my readers—and the more people who see it, the more people who may find their way to my eBay seller’s page, and maybe eventually every eBay buyer will buy something from me. . .


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