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IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER TO THIS BLOG (Rather Rare Records) and you do not receive updates and other notifications via email from this blog, listen up! It appears that I initially misunderstood quite a few things in setting this blog up, including the subscription process and how emails are sent to subscribers.

A few months ago, Joe Spera subscribed to my Elvis blog and immediately began reading lots of posts and leaving comments. Joe pointed out to me that he was not receiving email notifications when he submitted a comment and it was accepted for publication—despite having checked the box in the comments section to receive such notifications.

This led me to investigate and ultimately make changes in the software that I use for my comments section (wpDiscuz) and install an email-via-SMTP plugin (Easy WP SMTP). This required alterations in other things, none of which I could have done without the assistance of the inimitable Carlos at StableHost, the company that hosts and serves up my websites.


SMTP mailboxes 800 1


The only way to know if you are receiving email notifications for any comment that you made on this blog is to leave a comment on this blog.


SMTP mailboxes 800 2


If you are a subscriber but are not receiving any notifications from this blog via email at any time, please subscribe again right here:


FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page was cropped from the full photo above taken by ArtTower. I found it on Pixabay, where it can be downloaded and used for free!



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