the dillydallying is over and “the endless sixties” is alive and well!

Estimated reading time is 1 minute.AFTER TWO BLASTED YEARS of dillydallying, pussyfooting, farting around, and lollygagging I finally (FINALLY!) got my new blog off the ground: The Endless Sixties is up and running and waiting for readers. There are half a dozen articles already posted plus the homepage, and everyone should read the introductory homepage first, of course. 

The concept behind the site is to produce and publish a slew of articles, essays, and pictorials about the positive aspects of “the sixties”—positive, at least, in my opinion. It will address politics, culture, counterculture, music, art, books, and movies.

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Part of the reason for the unseemly delay is this: I was going to launch the site with a 24-part series on my discovery of, and immediate addiction to, Marvel superhero comic books in 1964. When I published the first section, I received numerous requests to do a separate blog on mainstream, “above ground” comic books from that era, especially those by Marvel (the brash upstarts) and DC (the old fogies).

And so I will, but not just right now. (Meaning I have to come up with a clever bloody name for a blog about costumed-heroes in the ’60s, back before Marvel sold out and became DC.)

Right now I am asking you, my dear, loyal readers here at Rather Rare Records, to click on over to The Endless Sixties and read something and, if you’re in the mood, leave a comment or two . . .




2 thoughts on “the dillydallying is over and “the endless sixties” is alive and well!”

  1. the 60s didn’t really start in 1960, we still had great music, great cars, and lots of pretty girls thru most of 1964. i would say the 60s were more like 1965 to 1975. you can’t just draw a line and say everything on that side of it was downhill.

    • JERRY

      I agree! There were lots of great records in the early ’60s: rock & roll, rhythm & blues, just plain pop.

      I also agree on the year you picked: in an article I have planned for the future, I will state that I believe “The Sixties” began in 1965 with the release of the Byrds’ Mr. Tambourine Man. Now that was a Sixties record!

      Keep the comments comin’ ...



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