the dillydallying is over and “the endless sixties” is alive and well!

AFTER TWO BLASTED YEARS of dil­ly­dal­lying, pussy­footing, farting around, and lol­ly­gag­ging I fi­nally (FINALLY!) got my new blog off the ground: The End­less Six­ties is up and run­ning and waiting for readers. There are half a dozen ar­ti­cles al­ready posted plus the home­page, and everyone should read the in­tro­duc­tory home­page first, of course. 

The con­cept be­hind the site is to pro­duce and pub­lish a slew of ar­ti­cles, es­says, and pic­to­rials about the pos­i­tive as­pects of “the sixties”—positive, at least, in my opinion. It will ad­dress pol­i­tics, cul­ture, coun­ter­cul­ture, music, art, books, and movies.

FondaJane Barbarella bw 1000

Part of the reason for the un­seemly delay is this: I was going to launch the site with a 24-part se­ries on my dis­covery of, and im­me­diate ad­dic­tion to, Marvel su­per­hero comic books in 1964. When I pub­lished the first sec­tion, I re­ceived nu­merous re­quests to do a sep­a­rate blog on main­stream, “above ground” comic books from that era, es­pe­cially those by Marvel (the brash up­starts) and DC (the old fogies).

And so I will, but not just right now. (Meaning I have to come up with a clever bloody name for a blog about costumed-heroes in the ’60s, back be­fore Marvel sold out and be­came DC.)

Right now I am asking you, my dear, loyal readers here at Rather Rare Records, to click on over to The End­less Six­ties and read some­thing and, if you’re in the mood, leave a com­ment or two . . .




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the 60s didn’t re­ally start in 1960, we still had great music, great cars, and lots of pretty girls thru most of 1964. i would say the 60s were more like 1965 to 1975. you can’t just draw a line and say every­thing on that side of it was downhill.

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