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FRANK DANIELS has been collecting records for a long time. Somewhere along the way, he started collecting all sorts of record-related data and information. For years now, he has been researching, compiling, assembling, and publishing several incredibly detailed and accurate Frank Daniels discographies (listings of records) and labelographies (breakdowns on the visual changes in the label designs of a given record company).

Here, for the first time EVER, is a list of all of Mr D’s published discographies (listings of records) and labelographies (breakdowns on the visual changes in the label designs of a given record company).

Note that all listings are of US pressings of records unless otherwise noted.

The Daniels Discographies

• Ames Brothers

Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable album

Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Bob Dylan albums

• Bill Haley’s Rock Around The Clock single 

Led Zeppelin 

• Rolling Stones singles on London Records 

• Rolling Stones albums on London Records 

The Who 

Yogi Yorgesson 

The Daniels Labelographies

• Apple Records: singles 

• Apple Records: albums 

Atlantic Records

Capitol/Apple Records 

• Capitol’s MainLine inner LP sleeves

Columbia Records 

Decca Records 

Essex/Palda Records 

MGM Records 

Philles Records 

RCA Victor Records 

• Sun Records: LP albums 

United Artists Records 

Vee Jay Records 

Warner Brothers Records 

Specialized projects

Monarch Records

Monarch Record Manufacturing Company was a pressing and plating plant in Los Angeles that manufactured millions of copies of thousands of records for hundreds of companies. Frank’s list identifies LPs pressed from 1956 through 1986, many highly sought after by collectors for their superior qualities.

Beatles, Beatles, and Some More Beatles

Frank’s site is calledAcross The Universe and includes factory and label variations of all US Capitol/Apple singles and albums; discographies of all albums in all tape formats; and original pressing information from 28 countries outside the USA.

Daniels Discographies: photo of the Beatles for the SGT. PEPPER album in 1967.

FEATURED IMAGE: The fab photo at the top of this page is Ringo, John, Paul, and George posing for photos intended for the SGT. PEPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND album. Holy cow and turn me on dead man, but I just noticed that Paul is wearing a blue uniform that blends in with the blue backdrop, making him one with his environment, and one becomes one with one’s environment when one is buried six feet under so is this another clue that the real Paul McCartney did indeed in an automobile accident in 1966?



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  1. read the “rock around the clock” one first, very interesting, frank has such an eye for details. i have a great idea for an article for you neal, how about chronicling the records that really weren’t like the essex “rock around the clock” and the sun “heartbreak hotel”. i have the essex one but not the heartbreak hotel on sun.


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