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FRANK DANIELS has been col­lecting records for a long time. Some­where along the way, he started col­lecting all sorts of record-related data and in­for­ma­tion. For years now, he has been re­searching, com­piling, as­sem­bling, and pub­lishing sev­eral in­cred­ibly de­tailed and ac­cu­rate Frank Daniels discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the label de­signs of a given record company).

Here, for the first time EVER, is a list of all of Mr D’s pub­lished discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the label de­signs of a given record company).

Note that all list­ings are of US press­ings of records un­less oth­er­wise noted.

The Daniels Discographies

• Ames Brothers

Nat King Cole’s Un­for­get­table album

Cree­dence Clear­water Revival 

Bob Dylan albums

• Bill Ha­ley’s Rock Around The Clock single 

Led Zep­pelin 

• Rolling Stones sin­gles on London Records 

• Rolling Stones al­bums on London Records 

The Who 

Yogi Yorgesson 

The Daniels Labelographies

• Apple Records: sin­gles 

• Apple Records: al­bums 

At­lantic Records

Capitol/Apple Records 

• Capi­tol’s Main­Line inner LP sleeves

Co­lumbia Records 

Decca Records 

Essex/Palda Records 

MGM Records 

Philles Records 

RCA Victor Records 

• Sun Records: LP al­bums 

United Artists Records 

Vee Jay Records 

Warner Brothers Records 

Specialized projects

Monarch Records

Monarch Record Man­u­fac­turing Com­pany was a pressing and plating plant in Los An­geles that man­u­fac­tured mil­lions of copies of thou­sands of records for hun­dreds of com­pa­nies. Frank’s list iden­ti­fies LPs pressed from 1956 through 1986, many highly sought after by col­lec­tors for their su­pe­rior qualities.

Bea­tles, Bea­tles, and Some More Beatles

Frank’s site is calledAcross The Uni­verse and in­cludes fac­tory and label vari­a­tions of all US Capitol/Apple sin­gles and al­bums; discogra­phies of all al­bums in all tape for­mats; and orig­inal pressing in­for­ma­tion from 28 coun­tries out­side the USA.

Daniels Discographies: photo of the Beatles for the SGT. PEPPER album in 1967.

FEATURED IMAGE: The fab photo at the top of this page is Ringo, John, Paul, and George posing for photos in­tended for the SGT. PEPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND album. Holy cow and turn me on dead man, but I just no­ticed that Paul is wearing a blue uni­form that blends in with the blue back­drop, making him one with his en­vi­ron­ment, and one be­comes one with one’s en­vi­ron­ment when one is buried six feet under so is this an­other clue that the real Paul Mc­Cartney did in­deed in an au­to­mo­bile ac­ci­dent in 1966?



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read the “rock around the clock” one first, very in­ter­esting, frank has such an eye for de­tails. i have a great idea for an ar­ticle for you neal, how about chron­i­cling the records that re­ally weren’t like the essex “rock around the clock” and the sun “heart­break hotel”. i have the essex one but not the heart­break hotel on sun.

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