on how not to handle your records

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IF I EVER GET AROUND to writing a book about the how’s, why’s, and where­fore’s of col­lecting records, I will in­clude a chapter on “On How Not To Handle Your Records.” How­ever the book is laid out, I would hope to use a photo like the one below for this chapter. [Continue reading]

what is a “record album” and where did the term come from?

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THE WORLD TURNS, WORDS EVOLVE. Some­times the evo­lu­tion of a word is gradual and log­ical and few no­tice the change. Some­times it hap­pens quickly—often through ig­no­rance and misuse—and the change is jar­ring. In the 21st cen­tury, a word can go through a tremen­dous up­heaval if one in­flu­en­tial person mis­uses it one time on the internet. [Continue reading]

About RIAA Gold & Platinum Record Awards

MOST OF THE INFORMATION about gold and plat­inum record awards of the Six­ties on the In­ternet is crap! That is, most of the “in­for­ma­tion” re­garding RIAA Gold and Plat­inum Records awarded to al­bums from the ’60s and early ’70s is fac­tu­ally in­cor­rect. [Continue reading]

Rare Record Scarcity Index


Rare Record Scarcity Index

WHO IS FRANK DANIELS and what’s a Record Scarcity Index? Frank has been col­lecting records for a long time: rumor has it that he started col­lecting back when they were making one-sided 78s out of left­over Con­fed­erate currency. [Continue reading]

On Grading Records


On Grading Records

THIS ARTICLE about grading records reprints the ar­ticle Grading The Records that ap­peared in the fifth edi­tion of Gold­mine’s Price Guide To Col­lectible Record Al­bums (Krause Pub­li­ca­tions, 1996). This was the last book that I au­thored for Gold­mine but this system has been used in one manner or an­other by every au­thor since. [Continue reading]