managerial problems faced by a rock & roll band


JUST STUMBLED over this on Face­book and I wanted to post it here im­me­di­ately sans com­men­tary. This is a lesson that EVERY one of you wannabe recording artists should watch until it is burned into the deepest re­cesses of your lizard-brain: a brief de­scrip­tion of the man­age­rial prob­lems faced by a rock and roll band …

Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman of The Tur­tles talk about their managers

If you don’t know these ar­tic­u­late lec­turers, they are Mark Volman (the hair) and Howard Kaylan (the beard). [Continue reading]

the great mispriced record sale


I MOVED FROM PENNSYLVANIA TO CALIFORNIA in 1978, ending up in Napa. It was a nice little city that more or less served as the north­bound gateway to the wine country. I im­me­di­ately made friends with the owner of the city’s only used-record store, who I will call Haitch. [Continue reading]

some commonly misused terms in record collecting

Turntable1 1500

THERE IS SOME CONFUSION re­garding the use of cer­tain terms for buying and selling records that is ram­pant on the In­ternet! It is also true at record stores, record col­lec­tors con­ven­tions, and through the mail using self-published sale lists, ads in mag­a­zines such as Goldmine—but not to the de­gree that ones en­coun­ters it on the ‘Net. [Continue reading]