does link wray belong in the rock & roll hall of fame?

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I HAVEN’T BEEN PAYING a lot of at­ten­tion to Quora lately, but this ques­tion caused me to re­spond; “Will Link Wray ever make the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?” Wray had one sem­inal hit, Rumble, in 1958 that Cub Koda stated pop­u­lar­ized “pop­u­lar­ized “the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock gui­tarists.” [Continue reading]

isn’t it a shame that pat boone gets no r-e-s-p-e-c-t? (or, should pat boone be in the rock & roll hall of fame?)

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Who was the first rock & roll su­per­star to be dis­carded and for­gotten to time?” I an­swered with Bill Haley, Pat Boone, and Connie Francis. Each singer was a big star in their heyday—the word “su­per­star” did not exist then—but each has been under-appreciated by most critics and his­to­rians since rock & roll be­came self-reflective decades ago. [Continue reading]

why aren’t the moody blues in the bloody rock & roll hall of fame?

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IN A RECENT EDITION OF QUORA, someone asked why the Moody Blues haven’t been in­ducted into the bloody Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It would cer­tainly seem that the Moody Blues are far more qual­i­fied than many in­ductees, so I began preparing a lengthy an­swer, thinking I might pro­vide some in­sight. [Continue reading]