I thought they were the bangs, not the bangles

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WAY BACK IN 1984, way back when people ac­tu­ally be­lieved in “trickle-down eco­nomics,” I was living in Scotts­dale, Ari­zona. I had suc­cumbed to the ubiq­ui­tous peer pres­sure ques­tion of “Why do you live in the past when it comes to music?” and pur­chased a couple of al­bums by the Psy­che­delic Furs. READ MORE

allan clarke as springsteen trailblazer (is this part 6 of “was bruce springsteen ever blinded by the light?”)

Springsteen 1974 Blinded 1500 red

I WOULD BE REMISS in my love for the Hol­lies if I did not men­tion the ex­ploits of their on-again/off-again lead singer, Harold Allan Clarke. In his second (?) so­journ from the group he helped found in Man­chester, Eng­land, in 1962, he took a rather dif­ferent ap­proach styl­is­ti­cally to the ma­te­rial with which his fans had come to as­so­ciate with him. READ MORE

the story behind columbia 4-48405 (was bruce springsteen ever blinded by the light? – part 5)

Springsteen 1974 Blinded 1500 green

RELEASED IN 1975, Spring­steen’s third album for Co­lumbia, BORN TO RUN, was a vir­tual apoth­e­osis of all that the rock mu­si­cians of the pre­vious gen­er­a­tion had hoped to achieve with the form. But that was not how the first two years as a recording artist went down. READ MORE

“blinded by the light” and the avid record collector price guide (was bruce springsteen ever blinded by the light? – part 4)

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THE SINGLE RELEASE of Blinded By The Light / The Angel (Co­lumbia 4-48405) may not have been a big hit in 1973 with record-buyers, but it has been a big deal with record-collectors ever since! It is among the rarest and most sought-after of Bruce’s col­lec­table records and record-related ar­ti­facts. READ MORE

“blinded by the light” off and on the pop charts (was bruce springsteen ever blinded by the light? – part 3)

Springsteen Blinded1974 copy 6

UNLESS YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH to have been there THEN (the early months of 1973) but weren’t paying at­ten­tion or you were not a Spring­steen fan (and who was back then out­side of a small circle of friends near As­bury Park?) or not a fan now (and who isn’t?), then you know that Spring­steen’s “Blinded By The Light” single did not make the charts here there and every­where. READ MORE

cut loose like a deuce another runner in the night (was bruce springsteen ever blinded by the light? – part 2)

Springsteen Blinded1974 copy 7

HERE ARE THE LYRICS to Bruce Spring­steen’s orig­inal recording of Blinded By The Light as best that I can de­ci­pher them. I used a couple of lyrics sites and then lis­tened to the recording re­peat­edly (and yes it’s “deuce” not “douche”) each time com­paring the words I had typed with the words that I was hearing. READ MORE