is camila cabello really more popular than the pope?

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WHO LIKES THIS SINGER? was the ques­tion on Quora that someone re­quested I an­swer. When I opened the page, there was no other in­for­ma­tion, but there was a link to an­other page some­where on the In­ternet. So I clicked it and ended up on YouTube, where I watched the linked video and a few others.

What hap­pened next is my an­swer to the ques­tion, “Who likes this singer?” which is lo­cated and in­dented be­tween the im­ages below. And the three im­ages on this page are all the same pho­to­graph, for what I hope are ob­vious reasons.

Be­fore you read, be aware that I take a cur­mud­geonly pride in my ig­no­rance of the pop­ular music of the past few decades. I didn’t know any­thing about Camila Ca­bello prior to the Quora ques­tion above led me to her.


CamilaCabello bw 500 crop

Who is this singer?

Be­cause I’ve gotten even easier in my old age than when I was in my young age, I played sucker and clicked on the link you pro­vided above and found my­self faced with a very at­trac­tive young woman posed in a rather provoca­tive come-hither photo.

Of course, on the In­ternet, it’s yet an­other very at­trac­tive young woman posed in a rather provoca­tive come-hither photo.

Still, being a life­long sucker for at­trac­tive women provoca­tively posed, I du­ti­fully watched and lis­tened to Camila Ca­bel­lo’s Real Friends.

Nice track even with the an­noying arrange­ment and pro­duc­tion that does little for the singer ex­cept make her sound like so many other singers. As Rob Menes said in his an­swer, “This par­tic­ular recording seems to be over-produced, ac­tu­ally hiding the voice rather than en­hancing it.” And David Donald in his an­swer agreed it’s “too much of an au­to­tune styled track.”


Camila Ca­bello may be an un­ex­cep­tional singer at this time, but if someone puts her in a movie, please alert me so I can watch it?


Un­like Mr Menes, I kinda like what comes through of Ca­bel­lo’s voice and her singing, even if it sounds like thou­sands other at­trac­tive young women (who prob­ably got their recording con­tract be­cause they look like a model and they re­minded someone at the com­pany just a little bit of a young Salma Hayek) (and just a little bit of Salma Hayek at any age is more than most of us merely mortal men can handle).

Then I no­ticed that I was the 32,290,614th viewer and I thought, “Wow! Here I was lis­tening to Blood, Sweat & Tears’ bril­liant first album CHILD IS THE FATHER TO THE MAN, which has a mere 21,639 views, and this chick I’ve never heard of had 32,290,613 viewers be­fore me!”

And for such a pedes­trian recording as Real Friends.

Oy,” I thought. “I’m get­ting so old I don’t know nothing no more!”

So looked Camila Ca­bello up on YouTube and se­lected a video ti­tled Ha­vana ft. Young Thug.

Which I watched.

The opening scene is hilarious!

The con­cept of the video as it un­folds is clever.

I’m im­pressed.

So I check the view count and—Great balls of fire!—I am the 686,781,260th viewer of this video!

Got that? There were 686,781,269 views of this Havana-something video be­fore I found it and watched it.

And I think, “Grate Grom­mett in Heaven—this girl is more pop­ular than the Pope!”

De­spite her role as an indoor-bound wall­flower, she is still an at­trac­tive young woman who ends up provoca­tively at­tired (the night­club scene).

And in this video, she is a good (if un­ex­cep­tional) singer, just like in the Real Friends video.

She may be an un­ex­cep­tional singer at this time, but the girl’s got pres­ence! If someone has the sense to put her in a movie, will you please alert me about six months after its re­lease so I can hobble on down to the li­brary and borrow it and watch it?

Now I gotta get back to the Blood, Sweat & Tears album so I can hear them do their killer Stan Get­zish bossa-nova ver­sion of Nilsson’s Without Her.

PS: I read dozens of the com­ments posted on the Real Friends page on YouTube and many read like they are part of an or­ga­nized ef­fort (a vast Ca­bello con­spiracy?) to focus at­ten­tion on her. Hope it gets her a movie deal . . .

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CamilaCabello bw 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: I found the gor­geous black and white photo at the top of this page in an ar­ticle dated May 15, 2017, on the Much web­site. There I learned that Camila Ca­bello had been a member of the group Fifth Har­mony, who she had re­cently left to pursue solo stardom.



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