is camila cabello really more popular than the pope?

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WHO LIKES THIS SINGER? was the question on Quora that someone requested I answer. When I opened the page, there was no other information, but there was a link to another page somewhere on the Internet. So I clicked it and ended up on YouTube, where I watched the linked video and a few others.

What happened next is my answer to the question, “Who likes this singer?” which is located and indented between the images below. And the three images on this page are all the same photograph, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Before you read, be aware that I take a curmudgeonly pride in my ignorance of the popular music of the past few decades. I didn’t know anything about Camila Cabello prior to the Quora question above led me to her.


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Who is this singer?

Because I’ve gotten even easier in my old age than when I was in my young age, I played sucker and clicked on the link you provided above and found myself faced with a very attractive young woman posed in a rather provocative come-hither photo.

Of course, on the Internet, it’s yet another very attractive young woman posed in a rather provocative come-hither photo.

Still, being a lifelong sucker for attractive women provocatively posed, I dutifully watched and listened to Camila Cabello’s Real Friends.

Nice track even with the annoying arrangement and production that does little for the singer except make her sound like so many other singers. As Rob Menes said in his answer, “This particular recording seems to be over-produced, actually hiding the voice rather than enhancing it.” And David Donald in his answer agreed it’s “too much of an autotune styled track.”


Camila Cabello may be an unexceptional singer at this time, but if someone puts her in a movie, please alert me so I can watch it?


Unlike Mr Menes, I kinda like what comes through of Cabello’s voice and her singing, even if it sounds like thousands other attractive young women (who probably got their recording contract because they look like a model and they reminded someone at the company just a little bit of a young Salma Hayek) (and just a little bit of Salma Hayek at any age is more than most of us merely mortal men can handle).

Then I noticed that I was the 32,290,614th viewer and I thought, “Wow! Here I was listening to Blood, Sweat & Tears’ brilliant first album CHILD IS THE FATHER TO THE MAN, which has a mere 21,639 views, and this chick I’ve never heard of had 32,290,613 viewers before me!”

And for such a pedestrian recording as Real Friends.

Oy,” I thought. “I’m getting so old I don’t know nothing no more!”

So looked Camila Cabello up on YouTube and selected a video titled Havana ft. Young Thug.

Which I watched.

The opening scene is hilarious!

The concept of the video as it unfolds is clever.

I’m impressed.

So I check the view count and—Great balls of fire!—I am the 686,781,260th viewer of this video!

Got that? There were 686,781,269 views of this Havana-something video before I found it and watched it.

And I think, “Grate Grommett in Heaven—this girl is more popular than the Pope!”

Despite her role as an indoor-bound wallflower, she is still an attractive young woman who ends up provocatively attired (the nightclub scene).

And in this video, she is a good (if unexceptional) singer, just like in the Real Friends video.

She may be an unexceptional singer at this time, but the girl’s got presence! If someone has the sense to put her in a movie, will you please alert me about six months after its release so I can hobble on down to the library and borrow it and watch it?

Now I gotta get back to the Blood, Sweat & Tears album so I can hear them do their killer Stan Getzish bossa-nova version of Nilsson’s Without Her.

PS: I read dozens of the comments posted on the Real Friends page on YouTube and many read like they are part of an organized effort (a vast Cabello conspiracy?) to focus attention on her. Hope it gets her a movie deal . . .


CamilaCabello bw 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: I found the gorgeous black and white photo at the top of this page in an article dated May 15, 2017, on the Much website. There I learned that Camila Cabello had been a member of the group Fifth Harmony, who she had recently left to pursue solo stardom.



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