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QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BEATLES—their music, their records, their personal lives—can be found on Quora every day. Over the past few years, I have attempted to answer some of them. As the nature of the questions varies from serious to asinine, so does the nature of my answers. In many, I take a farcical or ironic tone as the question is too d-u-m-b to deserve serious consideration.

Below you will find links to answers that I have posted to these questions. A few answers include comments from other readers. Should you want to read other people’s answers to the same question, simply click on the question at the top of the page on Quora and it will take you to other answers and comments.

I know, I know: I shouldn’t be wasting my time answering many of these ridiculous questions. Instead, I should be pecking away at my keyboard, finishing serious articles about music and records. But sometimes, writers just want to have fun.

Now, some questions deserve and require serious, lengthy responses; a few of them I have used as the basis for an article on this blog. To find those articles, go to the search option above (the spyglass in the navigation bar at the top of every page), and type in “quora.”


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Vee Jay 1062, Introducing The Beatles, from 1964 is probably the most illegally reproduced album in history with the majority of these counterfeits legally sold in cut-out bins in the 1970s. Original releases of Capitol 2553, Yesterday And Today, from 1966 known as The Butcher Cover are among the most valuable records in the world. The questions on Quora related to the Beatles that I answered the most often were ones pertaining to the group’s self-titled two-record album from 1968 (affectionately known as The White Album).

The questions

Questions are listed chronologically from oldest (top of the list) to newest. There are more than sixty questions, so you are not going to get through them all in one sitting! All the questions appear below as they appeared on Quora—warts and all (grammar, punctuation, dumbness, etc.). So, if you have been here before and want to see the latest questions and answers, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.




Who among the four members of The Beatles was the best vocalist?

What did Jimi Hendrix think of The Beatles?

Is there any Beatles song that has influenced the world as much as John Lennon’s song imagine has done?

What did The Beatles think of Jimi Hendrix?

What is something that needs to be said about Paul McCartney?

How did less popular musicians feel about the success of the Beatles at the time?

What’s your favorite John Lennon solo album?

The Beatles was a revolutionary band, but the sound quality of their recordings is just reasonable. Did anyone have the pleasure of seeing/hearing the band live? Did John Lennon play well on vocals? How were they compared to the best cover bands?

How much did a copy of The Beatles White Album cost in 1968?

What was the Beatles’ lowest moment?

Where is the building where the Beatles Red and Blue albums were taken?

What would you regard as the best bootleg recordings featuring the music of The Beatles?

Which 3 songs from the Beatles, would best represent the music of their beginning, middle, and end?

How close did The Beatles come to performing at Woodstock?

Why didn’t the Beatles break up as soon as they got famous around the world?

Does Yoko Ono belong in the Rock and Roll of Hall of Fame?

What is the ideal 14 track list for an album of Paul McCartney’s Beatles songs from 1966 through 1968?

Did the Beatles change music forever?

Would there be a ‘blacklash’ if the Beatles had released ‘The White Album’ today?

What are the rarest bootleg albums by the Beatles?

Was Revolver the last Beatles album that all 4 of The Beatles agreed on?

What would have happened if The Beatles took a break before breaking up?

If Ringo Starr never joined the Beatles, would he have still have become famous?

Have The Beatles sold more records than Elvis Presley?

What Beatles’ songs do you think are the most musically complex?

If The White Album by the Beatles had been triple, what other tracks might be included?

If John Lennon had never met Yoko Ono, would the Beatles have made more albums than they did?

Was the “I buried Paul” media stunt something orchestrated proactively by the Beatles or just something accidental which they leveraged to their benefit?

Would you agree that “Yellow Submarine” was a low point for the Beatles, at least after following the white album and then just before “Abbey Road”?

How did the Beatles feel about the second album of the White Album?

If you saw an ‘Abbey Road’ album with Paul McCartney wearing shoes, would you think it was a fake album?

If The White Album by the Beatles had been triple, what other tracks might be included?

Who took the breakup of the Beatles the worst?

How did the Beatles feel about the second album of the White Album?

If John Lennon had never met Yoko Ono, would the Beatles have made more albums than they did?

Which two Beatles albums could have been combined into a double album?

Would you rather be John Lennon or Paul McCartney?

Did John Lennon have one of the best imaginations in the history of music?

Why was Paul the most successful out of all The Beatles?

What is the song listing for your ideal 14 track custom Beatles album, and what would the name of the album be?

Would you ever want the level of fame the Beatles experienced at their peak?

Why isn’t Here There and Everywhere by The Beatles ever mentioned as one of their better songs?

Are the recent super deluxe Beatles box sets including Sgt. Peppers Lonely, Heart Club Band; The White Album, and Abbey Road, worth the high price tag?

Were the Beatles’ songs considered rock? Has that changed?

Why would Quincy Jones state that the Beatles were lousy musicians?

How did the Beatles manage to put out so many albums in such a short span of time?

What was your first impression of the Beatles White album?

Did The Beatles popularize making album covers into works of art?

Have you ever seen a ‘Mint Condition’ copy of a first pressing of The Beatles 1964 Capitol album, Meet The Beatles? How much would a copy be worth?

If The Beatles had been a One Hit Wonder and disbanded in 1964, which ONE song could have been THAT hit?

What is your favorite song from The Beatles Second Album?

Was Yoko Ono the real reason that The Beatles broke up, or was it a clash of personalities within the band?

Did the cover of the Beatles’ The White Album contribute a huge boost to its sales? Why?

How were you first introduced to The Beatles and their music

What is wrong with me? I grew up in the late 1960s and remember the Ed Sullivan appearance but never really liked the Beatles.

Was Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Ram” as good or better than anything that The Beatles put out?

How rare is a Beatle vinyl album where they pasted the wrong label on it, and who collects these albums?

How can we know how people will react to singles like “Michelle,” which made the Beatles freeze in fear as they released slow music in a fast music world?

How many times has the Beatles been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?



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