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QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BEATLES—their music, their records, their per­sonal lives—can be found on Quora every day. Over the past few years, I have at­tempted to an­swer some of them. As the na­ture of the ques­tions varies from se­rious to asi­nine, so does the na­ture of my an­swers. In many, I take a far­cical or ironic tone as the ques­tion is too d-u-m-b to de­serve se­rious consideration.

Below you will find links to an­swers that I have posted to these ques­tions. A few an­swers in­clude com­ments from other readers. Should you want to read other peo­ple’s an­swers to the same ques­tion, simply click on the ques­tion at the top of the page on Quora and it will take you to other an­swers and comments.

I know, I know: I shouldn’t be wasting my time an­swering many of these ridicu­lous ques­tions. In­stead, I should be pecking away at my key­board, fin­ishing se­rious ar­ti­cles about music and records. But some­times, writers just want to have fun.

Now, some ques­tions de­serve and re­quire se­rious, lengthy re­sponses; a few of them I have used as the basis for an ar­ticle on this blog. To find those ar­ti­cles, go to the search op­tion above (the spy­glass in the nav­i­ga­tion bar at the top of every page), and type in “quora.”


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Vee Jay 1062, In­tro­ducing The Bea­tles, from 1964 is prob­ably the most il­le­gally re­pro­duced album in his­tory with the ma­jority of these coun­ter­feits legally sold in cut-out bins in the 1970s. Orig­inal re­leases of Capitol 2553, Yes­terday And Today, from 1966 known as The Butcher Cover are among the most valu­able records in the world. The ques­tions on Quora re­lated to the Bea­tles that I an­swered the most often were ones per­taining to the group’s self-titled two-record album from 1968 (af­fec­tion­ately known as The White Album).

The questions

Ques­tions are listed chrono­log­i­cally from oldest (top of the list) to newest. There are more than sixty ques­tions, so you are not going to get through them all in one sit­ting! All the ques­tions ap­pear below as they ap­peared on Quora—warts and all (grammar, punc­tu­a­tion, dumb­ness, etc.). So, if you have been here be­fore and want to see the latest ques­tions and an­swers, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.




Who among the four mem­bers of The Bea­tles was the best vocalist?

What did Jimi Hen­drix think of The Beatles?

Is there any Bea­tles song that has in­flu­enced the world as much as John Lennon’s song imagine has done?

What did The Bea­tles think of Jimi Hendrix?

What is some­thing that needs to be said about Paul McCartney?

How did less pop­ular mu­si­cians feel about the suc­cess of the Bea­tles at the time?

What’s your fa­vorite John Lennon solo album?

The Bea­tles was a rev­o­lu­tionary band, but the sound quality of their record­ings is just rea­son­able. Did anyone have the plea­sure of seeing/hearing the band live? Did John Lennon play well on vo­cals? How were they com­pared to the best cover bands?

How much did a copy of The Bea­tles White Album cost in 1968?

What was the Bea­tles’ lowest moment?

Where is the building where the Bea­tles Red and Blue al­bums were taken?

What would you re­gard as the best bootleg record­ings fea­turing the music of The Beatles?

Which 3 songs from the Bea­tles, would best rep­re­sent the music of their be­gin­ning, middle, and end?

How close did The Bea­tles come to per­forming at Woodstock?

Why didn’t the Bea­tles break up as soon as they got fa­mous around the world?

Does Yoko Ono be­long in the Rock and Roll of Hall of Fame?

What is the ideal 14 track list for an album of Paul Mc­Cart­ney’s Bea­tles songs from 1966 through 1968?

Did the Bea­tles change music forever?

Would there be a ‘black­lash’ if the Bea­tles had re­leased ‘The White Album’ today?

What are the rarest bootleg al­bums by the Beatles?

Was Re­volver the last Bea­tles album that all 4 of The Bea­tles agreed on?

What would have hap­pened if The Bea­tles took a break be­fore breaking up?

If Ringo Starr never joined the Bea­tles, would he have still have be­come famous?

Have The Bea­tles sold more records than Elvis Presley?

What Bea­tles’ songs do you think are the most mu­si­cally complex?

If The White Album by the Bea­tles had been triple, what other tracks might be included?

If John Lennon had never met Yoko Ono, would the Bea­tles have made more al­bums than they did?

Was the “I buried Paul” media stunt some­thing or­ches­trated proac­tively by the Bea­tles or just some­thing ac­ci­dental which they lever­aged to their benefit?

Would you agree that “Yellow Sub­ma­rine” was a low point for the Bea­tles, at least after fol­lowing the white album and then just be­fore “Abbey Road”?

How did the Bea­tles feel about the second album of the White Album?

If you saw an ‘Abbey Road’ album with Paul Mc­Cartney wearing shoes, would you think it was a fake album?

If The White Album by the Bea­tles had been triple, what other tracks might be included?

Who took the breakup of the Bea­tles the worst?

How did the Bea­tles feel about the second album of the White Album?

If John Lennon had never met Yoko Ono, would the Bea­tles have made more al­bums than they did?

Which two Bea­tles al­bums could have been com­bined into a double album?

Would you rather be John Lennon or Paul McCartney?

Did John Lennon have one of the best imag­i­na­tions in the his­tory of music?

Why was Paul the most suc­cessful out of all The Beatles?

What is the song listing for your ideal 14 track custom Bea­tles album, and what would the name of the album be?

Would you ever want the level of fame the Bea­tles ex­pe­ri­enced at their peak?

Why isn’t Here There and Every­where by The Bea­tles ever men­tioned as one of their better songs?

Are the re­cent super deluxe Bea­tles box sets in­cluding Sgt. Pep­pers Lonely, Heart Club Band; The White Album, and Abbey Road, worth the high price tag?

Were the Bea­tles’ songs con­sid­ered rock? Has that changed?

Why would Quincy Jones state that the Bea­tles were lousy musicians?

How did the Bea­tles manage to put out so many al­bums in such a short span of time?

What was your first im­pres­sion of the Bea­tles White album?

Did The Bea­tles pop­u­larize making album covers into works of art?

Have you ever seen a ‘Mint Con­di­tion’ copy of a first pressing of The Bea­tles 1964 Capitol album, Meet The Bea­tles? How much would a copy be worth?

If The Bea­tles had been a One Hit Wonder and dis­banded in 1964, which ONE song could have been THAT hit?

What is your fa­vorite song from The Bea­tles Second Album?

Was Yoko Ono the real reason that The Bea­tles broke up, or was it a clash of per­son­al­i­ties within the band?

Did the cover of the Bea­tles’ The White Album con­tribute a huge boost to its sales? Why?

How were you first in­tro­duced to The Bea­tles and their music

What is wrong with me? I grew up in the late 1960s and re­member the Ed Sul­livan ap­pear­ance but never re­ally liked the Beatles.

Was Paul and Linda Mc­Cart­ney’s “Ram” as good or better than any­thing that The Bea­tles put out?

How rare is a Beatle vinyl album where they pasted the wrong label on it, and who col­lects these albums?

How can we know how people will react to sin­gles like “Michelle,” which made the Bea­tles freeze in fear as they re­leased slow music in a fast music world?

How many times has the Bea­tles been in­ducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?