and we’ve got to text ourselves back to the garden

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AT THE WOODSTOCK Music & Art Fair in 1969 we all back to the garden (and the mud puddle). Just the name con­jures im­ages in most people’s minds—regardless-of age—of youth in­no­cence joy music color summer even of end­less hori­zons and pos­si­bil­i­ties. And one-on-one person-with-person in­ti­macy being here now in­ti­macy grokking the moment.

Joni Mitchel wrote a lovely song about the event that was turned into a rock & roll hit single by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in 1970:

I came upon a child of God,
e was walking along the road.
And I asked him, “Where are you going?”
and this he told me”
“I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm.
I’m going to join in a rock ‘n’ roll band.
I’m going to camp out on the land.
I’m going to try an’ get my soul free.”

We are star­dust, we are golden,
and we’ve got to get our­selves back to the garden.

“Then can I walk be­side you?
I have come here to lose the smog,
and I feel to be a cog in some­thing turning!
Well, maybe it is just the time of year,
or maybe it’s the time of man.
I don’t know who l am,
but you know life is for learning.”

We are star­dust, we are golden,
and we’ve got to get our­selves back to the garden.

By the time we got to Woodstock,
we were half a mil­lion strong,
and every­where there was song and celebration.
And I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky,
and they were turning into but­ter­flies above our nation’

We are star­dust, bil­lion year old carbon.
We are golden, caught in the devil’s bargain,
and we’ve got to get our­selves back to the garden.

Back to the garden: a photo of teenagers with their cellphones.

Alack and alas, if that event was held today, there would be 500,000 people sit­ting on their asses, on their cell­phones with someone who wasn’t there, tex­ting them about how great it was to be there, not re­al­izing they’re not there ei­ther and some lame song­writer could write how they’ve got to text them­selves back to the garden . . .


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true words of wisdom….the only problem is that today’s gen­er­a­tion will not un­der­stand the message….almost like the guy who goes on va­ca­tion and takes hun­dred of snapshots….without re­al­izing he missed the the real beauty of being there to wit­ness the view with his eyes…..and can’t wait until he goes
home to look at the scenes on paper….

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