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WE LAUNCHED our new publication Tell It Like It Was on Medium on January 1, 2019. The articles within address popular music, primarily rock & roll from the ’60s. “We” are John Ross (my favorite music blogger), Lew Shiner (my favorite novelist), and myself. We love the music (and the books and the movies and the styles and the girls girls girls) of that era.

We want to share our enthusiasm for the music of that era.

We know how to write about the music of that era.

We figured that if only one-quarter of one percent (yup, a mere 0.25%) of Medium’s 60,000,000 unique monthly readers had any interest in the great rock, soul, and pop music of those years, then we’d have a potential readership of 150,000. (If anyone reading this has their own “personal” blog, you know how huge that figure is.)

Boyoboy was we ever wrong!

In my last pay period from October 28 through October 31, 2019. I made a whopping $2.61 in payment—although the Medium system makes the money more like gratuities—for more than eighty stories that I have published there. The vast (I mean, vaaaaaaaaast) majority of my stories didn’t make a cent.

That’s because they have few readers.


Elvis IGotLucky 600

Elvis IGotLucky Pickwick 600

The album on top is the original 1971 release on RCA Camden. The album below it is a reissue released by Pickwick Records in 1975.

Few Medium readers seem to care

While I do not claim to be a Paul Williams or a Greil Marcus or a Peter Guralnick, I am a good writer. I do lots of research and I do it well (and quantity isn’t even close to analogous with quality with research).

John and Lew are similarly afflicted with the need for accuracy. We mine old data and we find new conclusions.

Few Medium readers seem to care.

John, Lew, and I started Tell It Like It Was filled with vim and vigor, which The Free Dictionary defines as “an abundance or excessive amount of boisterous, youthful energy [and] enthusiasm.” Given that our combined ages are approaching the 200-mark, that alone is a notable achievement.

Needless to say, our energy and enthusiasm are not so boisterous at this point.

So what should we do?

Give up and cease publishing Tell It Like It Was?

Heck, no! We are starting another music publication on Medium because we believe that Medium can be the message! (A bootleg Marvel No-Prize from 1966 to any reader who gets that reference.)

As a complementary publication to Tell It Like It Was, we have launched Elvis: That’s The Way It Was.

Obviously, this new publication is geared towards fans of Presley. But if you dig rock & roll and pop music of the ’50s, the ’60s, and the ’70s, then you might find more than a few interesting articles to read there.

To get there, click HERE.

As a complementary publication to our rock & roll publication ‘Tell It Like It Was,’ we have launched ‘Elvis: That’s The Way It Was’ on Medium. Share on X

Elvis IGotLucky 1500 black

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page was cropped from the 1971 Camden budget album I GOT LUCKY. The album is a collection of previously released tracks from the ’60s—mostly from soundtrack EP albums—which are compiled in the non-sensical, slipshod manner that we would come to associate with Presley compilations, especially those released in the wake of his death in 1977. The cover shot is one of my all-time faves and was is dramatically superior to most of the covers released on Presley’s standard catalog albums.




2 thoughts on “follow my new publication on medium that’s all about elvis”

  1. Marshall McLuhan. And for that answer, I’ll just have my RCA Camden copy of “I Got Lucky” again. I used to have them all, except for the “Follow That Dream” series. Peace PS: I just recently acquired a UK “Rock and Roll” and a “Rock and Roll No.2”. Now, I feel complete. Great sound quality on each of them!

    • GARY

      I used to carry a copy of The Medium Is The Massage around in my back pocket. I even had the Lp fo a while.

      I don’t know why Elvis/Colonel/RCA couldn’t have just put the songs from the Follow That Dream soundtrack EP album on one side of I GOT LUCKY and the songs from the Kid Galahad soundtrack EP album on the other side. It would have made for a great album instead of the crappy thing it was.

      Forty-two years after his death and I’m still bitching about the records . . .


      PS: Thanks for the comment!


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