why did rca have to export david bowie records to england in the ’70s?

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THERE ARE A HANDFUL OF RECORDS from the ’70s that are so common among British col­lec­tors that they re­ceive little at­ten­tion from them. But they are all rather rare records out­side of the UK—so rare, that most non-UK col­lec­tors have only seen them as im­ages on the in­ternet! [Continue reading]

I hear thunder boom every time jackie deshannon walks in the room

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on how not to handle your records

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IF I EVER GET AROUND to writing a book about the how’s, why’s, and where­fore’s of col­lecting records, I will in­clude a chapter on “On How Not To Handle Your Records.” How­ever the book is laid out, I would hope to use a photo like the one below for this chapter. [Continue reading]