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the dawn of darkness and the blood upon our hands

FOR SEVERAL YEARS I toiled at a restaurant while working on building my blogs. We had piped-in music via one of those satellite feeds: select a genre and hear the same damn songs over and over at a volume that was hearable but rarely allowed for the identification of the artist let alone the lyrics. [Read more] “the dawn of darkness and the blood upon our hands”

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between the buttons and the dandelion, we love you!

GREAT SINGLES IN 1967 by established artists that should have been BIG hits but weren’t were common. For example, Buffalo Springfield’s Mr. Soul, the Byrds’ Lady Friend, and the Hollies’ King Midas In Reverse (and I could go on but that’s grist for another mill). But perhaps the biggest disappointment was the Rolling Stones second single of the year, We Love You / Dandelion. [Read more] “between the buttons and the dandelion, we love you!”

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God damn the pusher man

THOSE OF US OLD ENOUGH to have at least witnessed “the Sixties”—even if only as teenagers watching it happen all around us—remember that there was a time when the terms “dealer” and “pusher” were NOT synonymous. A dealer sold only “good” drugs—“head drugs”—like marijuana, hash, and the occasional psychedelic (mostly LSD). [Read more] “God damn the pusher man”

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complete davie allan & the arrows 45 discography and price guide

WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? Davie Allan & The Arrows recorded the most frenzied instrumentals the world has ever heard! Allan’s fuzzed-out guitar was an audio compass pointing towards freedom, sex, danger and violence, his trashy fretboard riffs exploding behind flickering celluloid images of cycle runs, biker fights, drug freakouts and rubber-burnin’ hot rods.” [Read more] “complete davie allan & the arrows 45 discography and price guide”

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a few facts about the first buffalo springfield album

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD is the name of Buffalo Springfield’s first album from 1966. This article addresses certain misconceptions about the first Buffalo Springfield album. And one of the problems has been Wikipedia: this site has grown immeasurably since its launching in 2001. And its growth is way beyond the expectations of its initial detractors—of which I was one. [Read more] “a few facts about the first buffalo springfield album”

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on babylon falling (fingers up and crossed)

RESEARCHING AN ARTICLE, I stumbled over a site containing thousands of images, all scanned from underground newspapers and similar counterculture publications. Best of all, they appeared to come from that period of unrest and upheaval that we call “The Sixties,” which took place between 1962 and 1975, depending on how you define it and where you lived at the time. [Read more] “on babylon falling (fingers up and crossed)”


what do mick jagger and lawrence bray have in common?

THIS IS PART 2 of three articles on Around Town and their single Out Of Control. This one hopes to answer the age-old question, “What do Mick Jagger and Lawrence Bray have in common?” But first, some background: while researching something else, I came across the ad for the MP3 download on Amazon (above) and, lo and behold, no one had yet submitted a review. [Read more] “what do mick jagger and lawrence bray have in common?”

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the byrds’ mind gardens and outrageous fortunes

MIND GARDENS, one of David Crosby’s contributions to the Byrds’ legacy, has been a bone of contention among fans since its release on the YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY album in 1967. Actually, using that euphemism is inaccurate: almost everyone has something negative to say about the recording—the lyrics, the singing, the music.  [Read more] “the byrds’ mind gardens and outrageous fortunes”


rock music videos of the sixties – 1964: the moody blues’ “go now” as the first modern rock video

THERE ARE LOADS OF STUFF on the Internet about the Moody Blues, the super-successful, much beloved group fabgear pop-rock that critics just can’t seem to stop hating! Yet there is almost nothing on the origins of the group’s first music video for their Go Now single of 1964. A piece [Read more] “rock music videos of the sixties – 1964: the moody blues’ “go now” as the first modern rock video”