michael sowa ain’t never caught a rabbit and he ain’t no friend of mine

WHILE I WAS PLAYING with countless themes in search of a new look for Rather Rare Records over the past few weeks, I posted a page with a note of apology and explanation for all to see.

To make the post eye-catching, I found this killer painting by Michael Sowa titled “Frohe Ostern” (“Happy Easter”), and used it as the page’s featured image.


on brian wilson and SMiLE (a convoluted conversation part 3)

THIS ARTICLE ADDRESSES BRIAN WILSON and the inspiration for his legendary SMiLE album. It bears the unwieldy title of “On Brian Wilson And SMiLE (A Convoluted Conversation Part 3),” because it is the second of a three part article. Please find Parts 1 and 2 and read them before continuing with this article.


 Convoluted Conversation Part 3: cover of the original Beach Boys' SMILE album 1966.

This is the cover for Capitol DT-2580, the Beach Boys SMILE. It CONTINUE READING

bravi bravata and the south they all ignore!

IF YOU’RE ON FACEBOOK, you’ve received requests from friends to “like” a page of theirs. These “likes” are the surest way to have your page “shared” and circulated on that social media platform. I receive a few each week, and I always have a look at these new pages—so it was that I discovered Bravata.

People launch these to display their photography, their hobby, their CONTINUE READING


MY FIRST PUBLISHED PIECE was with the Wyoming Valley West High School newspaper, where I was the nerd who got the gig of reviewing records. That was 1969 and, like most nerds with super cool record collections, I wrote condescending reviews of records that all my non-nerd classmates bought. I remember damning Glen Campbell (in the ’60s, teens actually bought Glen Campbell albums and CONTINUE READING

the frank daniels discographies & labelographies project

FRANK DANIELS HAS BEEN COLLECTING RECORDS for a long time. Somewhere along the way, he started collecting all sorts of record-related data and information. For years now, he has been researching, compiling, assembling, and publishing several incredibly detailed and accurate Frank Daniels discographies (listings of records) and labelographies (breakdowns on the visual changes in the label designs of a given record company).