the avid collector’s guide to wild in the streets part 1

was not about bikers, babes, and devils. While “Wild In The Streets” was another American International Pictures exploitational B-movie, it was also a clever combination of sociopolitical satire, black humor, and some genuinely good rock & roll. The Avid Collector’s Guide to Wild In The Streets Part 1 addresses the records associated with that movie and its music. 1


“the wild angels” is now a quinquagenarian (happy 50th!)

FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY, one of the quintessential ’60s rock & roll soundtrack albums to one the ’60s quintessential biker exploitation moves was released. According to Wikipedia, THE WILD ANGELS movie saw its general release to American theaters on this day. The soundtrack album of the same name was released by Tower Records, an imprint of Capitol Records.

So July 20, 2016, is the fiftieth CONTINUE READING

ken thorne chose the chase in the tyrol to the bitter end of an orchestral fantasy

WAY BACK IN THE ’70s, I discovered that when a British fan bought a copy of the Beatles’ 1965 album Help! (Parlophone PMC-1255/PCS-3071) in the UK, he got a Beatles album with fourteen (14) new Beatles recordings. When an American fan bought the same title (Help!, Capitol MAS/SMAS-2386) in the US, he got an “original soundtrack album” with only seven (7) new Beatles